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Sometimes I don't want to be a I alone? Lock Rss

I find being a mum very demanding. My 6 month baby girl is actually a good baby but I have recently started work because I want to and because the extra cash helps around the house but trying to manage everything is so overwhelming that I have found myself to be much angrier now. Do other working mums find it hard or is it just me who feels like I am stuck in the daily grind of changing nappies, feeding, sterilising.....tidying the house and the list goes on. I just feel like I can't handle the responsibility I just want my old life back....
hi dilzy,

your definatly not alone! i don't work at the moment, thinking about going back in a few months. I have a beautiful 5 month old, he is a really good baby. But i feel like im stuck too. everyday is the same. wake up, feed, change, play, sleep etc. then on top of that there's the housework. Don't get me wrong i love my lil man soo much and i couldn't imagine my life without him, i wouldn't want to but there are days where i'm just over it! and i don't feel like i can deal with it, where i don't have the energy, or i just simply cant be bothered! there are so many times where i wish i had my old life back too.

2 yrs

Hi Dilzy,
I have just started back at work as well, I work a few hours at night, it is hard, and everyday just seems to be a repeat of the same, feeding, changing nappies, yep and the housework, well as much as you can fit in...
My partner looks after our little girl while I work, when he is getting home from work, I am walking out the door going to work, so it seems we never see each other apart from weekends, if everything seems to get to much for me, my partner will look after Kelly for a few hours on the weekend as well, and I can spend a few hours shopping or meeting a couple of friends for a quiet drink, it's just a little bit of me time that helps, keep me sane. So maybe you could get some one to watch your little one for a few hours on the odd weekend, and have some quality time for your self, It does me the world of good.

Kelly's mum (14/01/05) walking


I just wanted to say that I think we all feel this way at some stage however when I personally start feeling a little encaged, I do take the time to think how lucky I am to have my little guy. (A bubby born the same week as mine in the hospital didn't live for more than a few hours. Can't imagine how that family would have felt or how they have delt with this tragidy.)

So I guess what I am trying to say is just be greatful for each and every day you get to have your little one by your side.

All the best.

Kylie and Flynn 02.02.05

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