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SAGGY BOOBS any one? Lock Rss

thought i would ask every one if there boobs have got as saggy as mine from breast feeding. I seen my boobs in the mirror the other day and thought ARGH, oh my gawd, what on earth happend to me!
The one thing i never wanted was having saggy boobs, lucky only hubby gets to see them. No SUPERMODEL any more (not that i was before)
Make me feel better, and let me see how many more of you out there have had your heart broken because you now have the dredded SAGGY BOOBS! sad
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I have some deligtfully saggy boobies and am willing to swap them for some pert ones anyday. Now you should also mention the skin on bellies. Since I have been losing weight steadly since giving birth my skin is getting looser and looser.
I am saving now for a boob job and tummy tuck??


OH MY GOD YES, i use to have this little devil(hot stuff) tattotted on my breast and it has a halo!! anyways, it was small now it has trippled in length and looks rather werid! after having three children hang of them they are no longer like they use to, i guess this is the price we pay for having kids, never mind maybe one day i will win lotto and i will buy a new pair!!!!!

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