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Hi guys
I have a problem that i getting more concerned about.
I have had my period three times since i stopped breast feeding and now they have just stopped, it's been 3.5 months and no sign of them coming. i'v done pregnancy tests and i'm not pregnant and i don't feel pregnant.
i will see a doctor but i thought i would just see if this has happened to any one else.


Hi kris_*, I had the same problem, no periods, no pregnancy etc etc for about 5 months after stopping b/fing.I had spoken to dr after about 2 mths and she said that it was quite normal, and not to worry, it would just happen! But I still had that unsure feeling, and was getting worried - not to mention what a pain it was 'waiting' for it to happen. In the end, after deciding to wait a little longer before trying for no.2, I went on the pill, and sure enough 28 days later there it was. Now it's like clockwork, so at least I now when to expect it! If you are worried, go and see your doctor.

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