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Constant Whining and Interrupted Sleep Patterns Lock Rss

My little one Christian who is 6 months this week, has started a very frustrating and concerning whine. He has been doing this non stop all day for the last week. We try to keep him stimulated and occupied for most of the day with activities like toys, walker, being outside, strolls, singing etc
We have even tried to ignore it.

We thought it might be teething, but he is lacking other obvious signs such as constant dribbling, rosy cheeks, vomiting. He does not have a temperature or bowel trouble and he is eating well, he is on 3 meals aday and having 4 bottles.

Any ideas as to what it might be that is troubling him.

Secondly something that might be related but has been happening for a while longer, well actually since birth. He has not slept though the night yet, most often he will wake up once or twice a night demanding milk, sometimes 3-4 times but he will only finish 1-2 bottles a night.

We have been advised to try stop his milk at night as it has become a routine for him and that is why he keeps on waking up. If this is so how do we best do this.

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.

Liana, WA, Baby Boy Christian

My daughter didn't start sleeping through the night till she was 6 months. When she woke at night wanting a bottle I just gave her water instead of formula. After 3 nights she stopped waking.

Madison also went through the whining that you describe. She did it for a few weeks and then stopped. I think it's just different stages they go through.
I've heard that giving boiled water when they wake up in the night can help to break the habit, as it's not really worth waking up for. Also all the usual stuff about night feeds being quite, no lights, no talking etc.
Increase his feeds during the day, maybe making the last one a little bigger than the rest.
I'm not sure if any of this works though as my daughter has pretty much always slept through the night.

Rochelle, NZ, baby girl born 22.10.2003

Thanks so much for the advice, we have tried the water thing, and the poor little guy will fall asleep again and wake up after a couple of minutes demanding milk. Still not sure if we should just keep giving him water when he wakes, just concerned that we will not get a wink of sleep in.

His whining seems to have carmed down a little, hopefully like you said it might just be a stage that he is going through.

Liana, WA, Baby Boy Christian

Just regarding the night feed - my son is 6.5 months and hasn't slept thru the nite either. When he wakes for his nite feed he is really hungry and I just accept that this is him. I'd love to have a full nites sleep but them's the breaks. I know 'they' say that after three months babies no longer need that nite feed but who are we to say if they are or are not hungry? My boy is a big baby so I figure he needs the food. Don't be too concerned about the sleeping thru thing, it'll happen when it happens.
Hi liana. Our son did this when he was a baby and as no one actually saw what he was doing they were all telling me yes babies do this. It wasnt until I saw a brilliant midwife who asked a few more questions and she thought he may have reflux. So off to the paediatrician and she was right!! He was whining as he was in constant pain. He wanted his bottle as the sucking and the soft milk soothed the pain but as soon as it was over the burning would start all over again. My husband and I use to take it in turns to sleep while the other tried to help the baby who was constantly whining & screaming. We found a dummy helped due to the sucking easing the pain. We also saw a chiropractor who helped as he also had a few spinal & neck problems. He would only feed from one breast and it turned out this was because it hurt to turn his head the other way. My sister in law recommends oesteopaths before chiropractors but I guess it is all a personal choice. I am not saying this is what your child has but if your Dr has not excluded this already I would ask them or your health nurse about it. Good luck.
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