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0.5 tog grobag - melb weather Lock Rss

Hi - I have a grobag which is 0.5 tog which I had planned on using in summer as our house does get quite warm, but I have found that the last few nights my 4.5mth old bub has been wriggling out of his covers, so I was considering starting to use it now so he has some covers on him but I am not sure what to dress him in. At the moment he wears a bonds all in one suit and we wrap his body/legs and he has a blanket. If we have a warm day like yesterday we put him in a cotton suit that has long sleeves but no legs, but we still wrap and use the blanket. Am guessing that the grobag will replace the wrap?? but we could still use blanket? It is so hard to know. Maybe I should just give in and buy a 1.0 tog
Any help appreciated.

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

hi mummy1
i was in a shop today looking at the grobag (have been doing my research as warmer weather is coming up) and the lady in the shop told me a 2.5 tog grobag is recommended for the melbourne climate. i too was going to get the 1.0 tog but have decided to go the 2.5. she said when it gets really hot at night to just put bub in the grobag in just a nappy. on the grobag website they have a list of wat to dress bub in for which ever grobag & temperature it is. (maybe request a brochure to be sent to you cos it has a table you can refer back to)
hope this helps.
ps this shop sells the grobag for cheaper than bump to 3 does!!!!
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