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Help with sleeping through Lock Rss

Hi everyone, My little boy is 4 months old and he goes to bed at 7pm. He has occasionally slept through to 5am but usually wakes at 3am for a feed. The problem is that when I put him back down he lies awake (happily) making noise until about 5am when I finally get him up. How do I get him to go back to sleep and how long does he need this early morning feed? When I feed him I don't turn any lights on and I do it as quietly as possible.
Hi Tina,

I have a five month old daugher who now sleeps from 7pm to 7am (yes I know how lucky I am). She was waking between 3 and 4 each morning and we would get up and feed her assuming she was hungry, for some reason which I cannot rememeber we started trying to put her back to sleep instead of feeding her and it worked, she would then sleep till 6 or 7am. It took a little work at first, it meant a lot of rocking and patting in the dark but we perservered and now she sleeps through almost every night (we still get the occasional 4am when she wants to play, but we make sure she is tucked into her cot and safe and let her play until she goes back to sleep).
My baby goes to sleep at 5pm and wakes up a lot during the night 1am 2am 3am just pat her a little and she goes back sometimes she gets up to eat and it take 2 hrs before she will go back to sleep other times she wakes at 4 am eats and will not go back to sleep. She began this sleep habit on her own she get sooo crabby at 5pm and we have to put her down she rarely sleeps durning the day maybe an hour or two here and there. Help!!!!!!!
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