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half wrapping, how has it worked for you - any tips? Lock Rss

Hi guys,
i would love to know who else has been half wrapping or eventually out of the wrap all together.

Do you have any tips? and has it worked for you?

I have started half wrapping at the night sleep but not during the day. When he is really tired and is half wrapped he goes straight to sleep and sleeps well. But when he doesnt go down well and wriggles around and rolls then plays with the bars of the cot etc we go in to him a couple of times to put him back on his back in the middle of the cot.

Does any one else have this problem? any solutions, and what have you tried?

Thanks -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Oh - have I had unwrapping problems. Its been a right pain in the bot bot. I tried quite a few different things but the best advice I was given from another mum on this forum. It was to wait until DD was wiggling her arms out.

Once she starting doing this I started to wrap one arm out. She would play for a bit, taking 20 minutes to go to sleep. She didn't cry or any-thing, just talk to herself and play with her dummy.

After 2-3 nights when she was use to one arm out I wrapped under her arms (both arms out). She didn't make any fuss at all with both out which was just brilliant.

Now I am not using a wrap at all in the day. I only use it under her arms at night because its a bit cold still.

I'm not sure if this helps, its been one of the hardest things we've had to do so far.

Best of luck !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Oh... the wrap... moan.. smile

I find that if my 6 1/2 month old is tired and busting for a sleep then be it day or night, I'll quickly wrap her from her armpits down and she'll fall asleep very quickly - she might not be tightly wrapped when she wakes, in fact the wrap might be loosely draped around her body but its still there.

If however she's feeling unsettled then she wont want the wrap at all. In fact she'll complain about it a lot. Her arms will flail, she'll roll arround, she'll try to reach anything in sight and she'll pull at the wrap as if its annoying her. In which case i take it off which makes the settling process harder because there's more of her body wriggling around. I then go through normal settling techniques (up on my shoulder shhhhing her till she's quiet) then pop her back in her cot. If she's ready, she'll roll onto her side, suck her thumb and off to sleep she goes! other times (like last night which was a doozy) its a nightmare, and 2 hours later she'll stil awake ....

I'm not confident that i want to do away wiht the wrap because i like the fact that she's contained within it, but she'll invariably find her way out and given that the days and nights are getting warmer, its going to be harder to keep her in it.

I'm not sure that i've helped but i sympthasise cos i'm feeling the desperation too!

Susan, Sydney, 12/4/05 baby

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