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my baby always seems to cry(11 mths) Lock Rss

We had a wonderful first 4mths I thought how lucky I was to have this perfect little baby, then it started, crying, winging all the time. Couldn't even put her down. And cutting her first tooth, my goodness this was awful. She is very demanding and is a very aggressive little baby. So different to my first. She throws herself arounf so much she has fallen on her head twice and passed out from shock, my GP told me a lot of kids do this, it's ok. But I have never heard of any stories. I don't think I have spoilt her by picking her to much as I have another child I need to try and give my 3 year old some attention I find my 11 month old is just taking up all my time and my 3 year old is missing out.
Any Ideas?
I am curious what your little one does to be described as 'aggressive'? It certainly sounds like your having a hard time right now. I have no idea how you cope with two (or more) babies - my hat goes off to you. Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

could it be seperation anxiety?
I know once my little man cut his first tooth it was nothing but mum and that happend at 4months also. Although he is good with other people, if i am ignorning him he seems to "play up" he is only 9months, but i have heard seperation anxiety can cause all sorts of trouble just like you are describing.

Goodluck, sorry i am not a barer or good news today. But she will get through it. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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