Hey all,
im just wondering if any one else has gone in to check on bubby and their hands are purple. I stopped wrapping today (YAY) i put Kayden in a grow bag and he rolled around for a while until eventually crying him self to sleep.

Just now when i went in to check on him he was half on his side and half on his belly but the arm underneath him was purple. Obviously no blood circulating. But i want to know is this bad for baby if it only a short sleep would it matter? should i be concerned? how can i get him to sleep with out his arm going purple? i turned him over when i seen it but as soon as i touched him he woke up. I resulted to giving him the dummy (which i got rid of 2 weeks ago) but it settled him and he went back to sleep.

So - ANY SUGGESTIONS would be helpful! thanks guys... Leia