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who dream feeds? shold i or not? Lock Rss

hi all
I am just wondering who dream feeds? Does it actually work? and how do u do it?
My little angel usually has a bottle bout 7ish and bed within the hour, though he wakes at 1:30ish. he use to do 8 hours sad do u think a dream feed would work? He already hads the recommended 5 bottles will i be harming him by giving an extra one? he is 14 weeks and 7 kilos!!! I have tried some rice cereal in thebottle, makes no dif, goin to try rice cereal for dinner tonight, he had it for lunch today.
what do u think??
if u do do it? how do u now hwen to stop?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Jeb has been have a dreamfeed since around 9 weeks (I think). He has 4 x 200ml bottles during the day 4 hours apart (with a little bit of solid every now and then when I remember). His 4th bottle is at 7ish too and is in bed within an hour of having it. I them give him his 5th bottle with rice cereal in it (naughty I know but it works for us) at 10:30pm. I make sure I have everything ready before I get him up I try not to wake him too much. I turn the lights out but the TV's going with the volume right down. I don't talk to him or DH. Feed, quick burp then straight back to bed - no nappy change. He sleeps through to 6-7am. He use to want his dummy when he went back to bed but he doesn't anymore. We have been doing it for so long now that sometimes he wakes up fully but still goes back to sleep with no problems. I was told I should slowly wean him off it when his on at least 3 full solid meals a day. I would talk to your GP or CHN before adding an extra bottle in. Maybe try and spread his day bottles out a bit if you can? Jebs now 4.5 months ant at his 4 month weigh in he was 9.14kg. It works for us and he never wakes up anymore before the sun!!!!!
I'm sorry I keep repeating myself to you ashtonsmum - LOL!!!! I keep forgetting who I've written too!!! smile
If I stay up late I will dream feed DD before going to bed. It usually means I will get a decent 4 hours sleep. Lately I've been going to bed early so don't bother - getting old ! ha ha ha

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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