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Sleeping in the same room as Parents Lock Rss

I would like to know if anyone has their baby sleeping in the same room as them.

If so, how old is your baby!

I am trying to work out whether to bring my 7 month old bub back into our room to see if he will sleep through the night
Hi there

We have our 4 month old and our 2.5 yr old sleeping in the room with us at the moment in their own beds. I had moved out the 4 mnt old but bought him back in as he was waking way too often lately an i am too cold at night to be walking around.

With my experience i have found babies sleep thru the night in their own time. Not sure if you want to hear this with my first i tried all things to make him sleep thru but he always woke at least once for a breastfeed for comfort until 16 months. They get lonly scared who knows all i know they are tiny human beings and they need their parents until they feel comfortable to do it on their own and they will, some sooner then later.

Definetly in your case maybe moving his bed in your room might work i would try it. For the sake of getting sleep i usually try anything except having them in my bed that way no one sleeps.

I would keep persisting with your night routine if you have one and you never know your little one might suprise you one night. Remember just do what works for you.

Our dd is still in our room, in a cot. She is almost 5 1/2 months old. We are unsure when to move her, but don't think it will affect her- more so us!
She is a day catnapper, but sleeps great at night, so I don't think the move will bother her (hopefully) as she can't see us at night IYKWIM?
I am thinking she will be with us til about 9-12 months. We will just take it as it comes, but she adjusts to everything well eg, moving to cot from bassinet, no more wrapping, as we went cold turkey and it worked straight away.
I like being able to just look over and see her during the nigh smile
Good luck with what you decide- everything's worth a shot for sanity!
My DD was only in my room for the first month or so as I co-slept. With DS, I have the cot in my room as SIDS recommend it until they are 12 months. That was some-thing new since I had DD.

I'm not sure if it will help them sleep through, I have to say its much easier for me BF'ing and also I am much less worried about him as he is right next to my bed.

I'm not sure how long I will keep him with me though. I'd be interested to hear how you go and what you decide to do.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

MY DS is nearly 9 months and I am about to move his cot into his own room. I have been told that some babies (and mums!) sleep better when bubs are in their own interested to see if this is true!

At the moment, my bub usually wakes twice through the night for a quick BF (although last night he woke 6 times GRRRRRRR!!!!!)

I am going to move him into his own room on Thursday...fingers crossed that we all start getting a bit more sleep!

i've been co-sleeping with my DD since she was about 2 or 3 months and she's now 5 months.

i don't think i'd have any issues putting her in her cot (which is in my room) to sleep at night as she sleeps in it during the day with no hassles, but personally i love co-sleeping!

she's been sleeping through the night for awhile now (last week she's just started to wake once).

one day i guess i'll put her in her cot in her own room but right now i'm very happy with co-sleeping.
I feel like an awful mother! My daughter has only ever slept one night in our room, the first night we bought her home from hospital and she is now 8 months.
Her room is right next to ours , we have monitors.Not sure for what reason I hear her clearly through the wall!
Not sure if it would help your baby maybe only you not hearing there every noise

Makaylas mum

We had DD in our bedroom until she was 6 months old and we only moved her into her own room because we moved house and could not fit the cot in our bedroom.
I would have kept her in there for ages otherwise i think!
She is now 9 months old and i still miss having her in there!
i often wonder if she would sleep through if in our room as she still wakes twice a night.
P.S I also forgot to mention... my daughter has sleep through the night from 8 weeks in her seperate room.
She now at 8 months does about 12-13 hours a night.

Makaylas mum

my dd is 16 months and we still co sleep with her. we all love it and we all get a great nights sleep. we have never had a night with a crying baby as all I do is roll over and feed her when she needs! Brilliant!!
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