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wants the breast and nothing else Lock Rss

i've tried everything to wean my child as i have just started back at work. Different teats, bottles, formula, people, my milk and none of it works he would rather go hungry until i can feed him. Does anyone have any suggestions???

Wendy, SA, baby boy Oct 03

My first used to scream at the sight of a bottle, but due to low weight gains and eventually weight loss had to be weaned, as her lack of weight/nutrition was starting to threaten her health. This was when she was 5 months. We finally got her onto a bottle, by refusing to give her anything else until she took it. (this was on medical advice and under supervision) We were suprised at how stubborn she was, it took 12 hours of nothing going past her lips and her being on the verge of dehydration before she would even take the teat into her mouth and take anything.

Before we got to this point we tried the following. (None of them worked for us, but you may find one of them works).
*get someone else to try to feed him so he can't smell the milk.
*express before trying to give him the bottle, if you them have to give the breast, there won't be anything there and he may return to the bottle, especially if you have breast milk in it.
*try to feed him when he is half asleep, to get him used to feeding from a bottle, and the feel of the teat. If you slip the teat into his mouth while he is still asleep in his cot, he might start to suck, and at least become more familiar with the feel. Then he may be more willing to take it when he is awake.
*try giving the milk from a cup. Try a sipper cup. Also try from a medicine cup. He may be happier, and old enough to go straight from breast to cup, and not need bottles at all - some babies are by around 6 months.

Another suggestion is to feed him last thing before you leave for work, ensure his solids during the day are of high liquid/milk content (yoghurts/custards), and then feed him as soon as you return. Once he gets used to you not being there during the day to feed him, he may start taking fluid from a cup or bottle.

Good luck.

mum to 2 girls

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