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As a mother of 6 pregnant with my 8th I've learnt the best way for baby to learn to sleep is letting baby learn to sleep. From birth put baby in to bed after a feed weather he/she is still awake and let the room be... I don't believe baby can fall asleep while us worried parents are hovering around. I find camera monitors are a great source of relief... Also.. A baby's cry is a form of communication there is no need to panic if he/she sooks as they fall asleep... smile pacifiers also help.... Depending on the baby...
None of the Huggies links are working for me either, it just goes to the Oops page. The only links I can get to are ones for the forums, not for actual Huggies articles.
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For the first few months of his life, Laura Welk’s baby, Greyson, was a dream sleeper. He had regular naps during the day, and all it took was a calming bottle in the evenings and he would be fast asleep. He would wake up only once a night for a feed, and that would last him until morning.
But when he was about three-and-a-half months old, the routine fell apart. “I would feed him, but he wouldn’t be asleep at the end of the feed,” recalls Welk. “I would rock him until he fell asleep and put him down, and then he would wake up 30 minutes later and I would do it all over again.” Desperate for some rest, Welk brought Greyson into bed with her, but then she ended up just lying still, holding a pacifier in his mouth all night long. “I didn’t know anything about sleep,” says Welk. “I didn’t know you couldn’t just rock them to sleep and then put them down.”
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