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To all the mums of catnapper babies: Lock Rss

Hi Mums

My bub is a catnapper and im having heaps of trouble getting her to sleep longer. Im wondering how other mums have gone about it, and if their babies have grown out of it as they get older.I always try to resettle her for up to half an hour but she doesnt sleep any longer.Any hints?
Hi Lara,
My daughter was the same, she wouldnt sleep much during the day for a period of time. So I started a strict routine. It worked the first day. I woke her at 7am for a feed and didnt put her back into her cot till 9am. Its basically up two hours and down for two. I think I was putting her to bed a bit to early and that's why she wouldnt sleep that long. It was just a phase, so hopefuly your little one will grow out of it.
Now Liana is 6 months and is a great day sleeper but a terrible night sleeper..!!!! But I'm working on that!

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi Lara
I know how you feel. Ella has always been a catnapper, her routine right up until i think she was about 7mnths old was 40 minute catnaps through the day, starting her day at between 5.30am - 6am and having piddly little 40 minute naps 3-4 times a day til bed at about 7pm.

I tried EVERYTHING to get her to sleep more, i was on the phone to Ngala (WA Sleep specialists) regularly and felt like i was going mad. I tried letting her cry (except if she got worked up) for 20-30mins after she woke after her 40 mins which occassionally worked. I dont actually remember exactly when she changed but she just started occassionally stretching one sleep out to just over an hour.. then another until she was having two 1hr sleeps and one 40 min sleep a day. Then at 9months she dropped her 3rd sleep which i thought would be terrible but now she has two 1.5hr sleeps a day and is perfectly happy with that.

All i can say is that I'm fairly certain some babies just don't go in for the huge day sleeps regardless of how much we try to make them. My only real suggestion would be to leave your baby alone for 10-20minutes after she's woken up (unless she's really worked up) just incase she's just having a bit of trouble getting herself to go back off to sleep and maybe she'll be able to resettle...

Does she sleep well at night???


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Hi Lara,

Olivia is currently going through this as well. It's driving me insane (o:

She settles to sleep really well and used to have a couple of 2 hours sleeps during the day. The last month or so she keeps waking up after 40 mins and I try everything to get her to go back to sleep. Occasionally it works but not very often lately.

Yesterday while we were out she didn't sleep at all and was awake for a couple of hours. When we got home and put her to bed, about 2.30pm I expected her to be awake just after 3pm. To our surprise she just kept sleeping. She ended up waking at 4.50pm.

I'm now going to see how we go trying to keep her awake for longer between naps and see if that helps.


Hi Briony

I have been meaning to post u for a few weeks now, but things have been really hectic as we have just moved house.
Unfortunately Tayla has been really unsettled and bedtime has turned into a real nightmare.95% of the time she is in the bed with me because i just cant get her in the cot. Forget about the 30 or 40 min sleeps, sometimes they are only 10 or 15!
The lack of sleep is really starting to get to me.At night time she is waking about every 2-3 hours.
I have also tried keeping her awake longer but it just seems to make things worse in her case.I am going to try the controlled comforting again this week- its going to be rough! She doesnt really cry anymore she SCREAMS!!!
Has Olivia cut anymore teeth yet? Tayla has just started to teethe now.Got all the classic symptoms-rosey cheeks, dribbles and the whinges!!

Hi Lara,

Wow, you do have it rough. I can handle Olivia's not sleeping well during the day because I get my sleep at night.

Last week Olivia has one bad night where she woke up every hour and I had to get up and put her dummy in each time. I was a complete wreck the next day.

I know what you mean about the screams. Olivia's cry has changed, it's not a little baby cry anymore it's ear piercing.

Have you thought about a sleep clinic? I don't know much about them but a few friends have found them helpful.

Olivia has her 2 bottom teeth and I think her top 2 are on their way because she has the red hot cheeks everyday lately. I can highly recommend Brauer Teething Relief. It works so much better than Panadol for Olivia.

Goodluck and I hope things get better for you soon!

Hi Briony

Yes, i have been seriously thinking about a sleep clinic but cant really afford it right now.Besides i am wondering what they are going to do that is so different??
Over here in Perth it is $180 per day at Ngala (like tresilian etc). Maybe when my tax return comes in.....Ha ha
Wow, I didn't realise they cost that much. Maybe just keep perservering with the controlled comforting.

I can't believe it, Olivia had a great day today. I kept her awake for 2 hours between sleeps and by the time I put her down she was zonked. She still woke up after about 40 mins but to my surprise went back to sleep after I put her dummy back in.

I don't know if she slept well today because I kept her awake. It could have also been a growth spurt which seems to make her sleep more or because I started her on solids last weekend. Whatever it was I'm going to just enjoy it while it lasts.

Keep us up to date with how things are going and good luck.

Hi Bri

I have had a bit better day today with Tayla.Although she has only had her 40 min sleeps all day, she has actually put herself to sleep most times without much fuss.I decided to start wrapping her again because it seems to make her feel more secure(she wont take a dummy). She hasnt been wrapped since she was 3 months because she was really fighting it, but i think it helps.(somehow i have to keep her in the wrap, she usually gets out!)
Just taking it as it comes now, i dont want to jinx it.
How has olivia been?
I know what you mean about jinxing it. After 2 good days Olivia had a not so good one yesterday.

I have to wrap Olivia for every sleep. She doesn't really like it but won't sleep without it. Most morning's I find her with either 1 or both arms out. This morning I found her still wrapped with 1 arm out but she was out of the blankets and laying sideways in her cot with her head against the bars, wierd.

I find she doesn't fight the wrap as much when she is really tired.

I'm still trying the keep her up longer idea. I aim for 2 hours between naps and I think it's working pretty well for Olivia so I'll keep it up and see how we go. After about an hour and a half she gets tired and cranky but I just have to keep entertaining her and she's ok. By the time I put her down to sleep she's asleep before I even finish wrapping her.

Keep up the good work, it can only get better..... we hope (o:

Hi Briony

Just thought id give u an update on how things are going. Well yesterday was really bad, and i was so stressed out that i ended up crying. My boyfriend and i decided that if things get much worse we will have to go to sleep school. But then today she has been a little angel and gone to sleep without much fuss! Its just so hard at the moment, but i will keep on trying and leave the sleep school as the lasst resort. On saturday she slept for 2 hours which was really weird for her.Since then it has only been 30 or 40 min naps.Eeeer, its so frustrating sometimes. I know it sounds awful, but sometimes i find myself wishing she was older so things wouldnt be so hard. Sorry this post sounds so depressing. I hope everything is well for you and olivia.
Hi Lara,

Geez, sounds like things are bad. Don't worry about crying, I've done it too just because I've been so exhausted from lack of sleep. I think I actually feel better after a good cry (o:

Olivia is teething and is pretty cranky and not drinking much but she also seems to sleep a lot, just not in one go. I have been lucky lately, sometimes when she's woken after 40 mins I've put in her dummy and she's gone back to sleep.

People keep telling me that once she starts crawling she'll sleep better because she'll use up more energy, I'm waiting for that day to come.

It's a shame the sleep school costs so much!

Keep up the good work! (o:

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