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started to wake up at night Rss

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me with this one. My 8mths old boy was sleeping through the night since he was about 3mths. Recently he had diarrhoea and that is why he started to wake up quite often at night. I was ofering him bottle since I was concerned about dehydration. He has been ok (healthy) for few days now but he still wakes up hungry in the midle of the night. I say hungry because we did have some unsettled nights before and I also ofered bottle and he refused it. Now he takes it. I'm wondering if he is really hungry or just the bottle became a habit or is he going through growth spurt? Or should I just wait and see if he settles back to sleeping through. He has been eating his solids fine and I don't think I can possibly feed him any more before bad time. Thank you for your help
wondering mum

Pavla+Adam (7.7.05)

Hi Pavla

I had a very similiar problem and doing exactly what you have done with my 9month old daughter. It was suggested to me to feed her cooled boiled water instead of the milk which worked after only one night. It's a clear message to bubs that the only thing available in the middle of the night is water. Give it a go and let me know how you went.

Maree,Vic, Lula

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