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Cold Lock Rss


Just wondering if anyone has the same problem? now that it is starting to get cooler, we are putting a very light blanket over Tahlia as she is waking up during the night because she is cold. The problem is that she hates anything over her and no matter what we do - she always kicks of the sheet/blanket. I am thinking of buying those one piece outfits (like a sleeping bag) but would that make a difference than putting her into a fully enclosed jumpsuite? Does anyone use this one piece sleeping bags and if so, do you put a singlet on them or do you just put them in with a nappy on?

We have tried everything - no matter how tight that sheet/balnket is tucked under the mattress, she still gets out of it. Another reason why I am concerned is that if she kicks it off and I am not around, she could sufficate! What is everyone else doing? She's to old to be wrapped. Would love your input

Cheers, Angelique

My 2 Angels, Vanessa 10 & Tahlia 2

Hi Angelique,
My son was exactly the same. I just bought him those thick pj suits you can get from Target or Big W or Best and Less, the ones with feet in them. Then on really cold nights I'd layer him up with a jumper and trackies over the top, or if it wasn't quite that cold I'd just put long sleeve bodysuits or singlets underneath, just depending on how cold it was. I became an obsessive/compulsive person at night with the weather. As soon as the news weather report was on I was there in a flash checking what the overnight temp was going to be. If keeping him warm meant a good nights sleep, I'd have done anything!
It was bizarre, I got so good at knowing how many layers he needed according to the temp. For example 10-15 degrees overnight meant a singlet and a long sleeve top underneath,then socks as well when it was closer to 10 degrees.
I used to feel his legs and back of the neck in the morning to see how warm he was. I don't think we realise how much heat we generate under our doonas. It feels really cold when you're just lying on top of sheets.
Some people recommended those sleeping bags to me but they never suited my son because he was at the age of pulling himself up to stand in his cot and would get terribly frustrated in the morn when he'd wake and couldn't stand up or play.
Anyho's I hope I've helped a bit.

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

Hi! Angelique,

Our daughter is very sensitive to the temperature as well! She hates the cold and the heat! She is one of those bubs who needs it to be quite right! lol

I have always dressed arianna in a closed in suit - from Kmart - they are great for hear in QLD because they are cotton - and keep the breeze of them but isn't too hot for them....When it was warm she just slept in a singlet and nappy. When it starts to get colder though I am going to buy the much thicker - feet included - suits. This will be our first COLD winter - as she was born in Cairns - so she doesn't really know what to expect!

I have never used a sleeping bag on Arianna but I know that my mum used them on us when we were little and she thinks they are great! In regards to what to wear underneath - I'm not sure?? But would also been keen to know - but I was thinking that just a pair of leggings and singlet would be good depending on how cold it was?? My daughter is walking now so I'm not sure how happy she would be about the sleeping bags?? I don't like having to change her first thing on cold mornings out of her warm sleeping clothes - especially when she only has a hot shower at night....

Sorry - I'm blabbing now! I don't think I have been up much help!

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Angelique,

I had the same problem with my little girl kicking the blankets off at night, and I was not getting any sleep because i would be getting up to cover her up, UNTIL i read somewhere.... Put the sheet and blankets over your baby and then roll up a cloth nappy and stuff it down the side of the cot and then do it for the other side as well, slip your hand underneath to make sure there is enough room, and then problem solved... i also use the sleeping bags and I think that they are great.... the only problem that I had was her hands getting cold, until I brought some mittens recently.....

I hope this helps really work well for me

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