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Cot bumpers? Lock Rss

Hi all, I know that SIDS recommends no cot bumpers etc but my 4 month old has started wriggling around and his legs are getting inbetween the cot rails. Does anyone else have the same prob and what have you done? I am thinking of weaving a netting type thing through the rails but not sure how safe that would be?
hi there
we got an airwrap, its like a cot bumper but is breathable mes that you wrap around the cot and it velcros on - so no dangerous ties either.

it was $50 from a baby shop but sometimes they have it cheaper at big w.

We also have the airwrap. I bought it online. Its been great, and also makes the cot seem a big more snugglier.

Thanks for that, will go and check them out.
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