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for those that read my sleep "vent" Lock Rss

Last night was yet another shocker and today i have been walking around like a zombie so tonight i decided, no more boobie after her bed time feed.

I put her down awake after her bedtime feed and settled her in all nice and snug.
she was in tears the moment i stood up to walk out the door.
i left her for one minute then went back in. i offered her some water, lay her down and patted her bum until she was almost asleep. walked out and she went nuts.
then waited 2 minutes and went back in. did same again.
when i left her for 3 minutes, during that time she vomited everywhere from crying so much so i had to change the sheets, comfort her and start all over again.

managed to get up to 5 minutes and then just before i was "due" to go in to her, she fell asleep.

i feel soooo bad for the fact that she was so upset and crying and that she vomited. i feel even worse at the fact that she was calling my name and sobbing for me. but i do feel slightly 'victorious' that i got her to go to bed, on her own, without being fed to sleep.

thanks for those that gave me advice and support the other night. hopefully i dont cave in my sleepy stupor tonight!

also, for those who have done CC, do you still leave them to cry even if they become hysterical? because ash became hysterical after only 30 seconds EVERY time.
congratulations emmaaaaa! i know that feeling when "enough is enough"
YOUR A FANTASTIC MUM! you both will be much happier after a goodnights sleep.. stay strong you did so well!

congrats on getting her to sleep without a feed! you should be very proud, with DD1 we just left her to cry i guess you could say DP had to hold onto to me so i didnt run into her room to cuddle her but it didnt take long for her to start settling herself so it worked for us in the end but she never vomited but it worked for us and she sleeps perfectly now so hopefully if you stay consistent she will be a good sleeper smile and i hope i made sense lol

well done em! you're doing a great job. The only reason she gets hysterical is because she knows it works. A few nights like that and you'll be feeling human again in no time!
*hugs* Its not easy, I hope its gets easier for you. I'm not exactly consistent I'm only hard when I'm tired and can't handle it.

Personally I pick him up and cuddle him till hes calm before resettling him and tucking him back in and I do usually wait till hes starting to work himself up - but he takes time to do that.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Emma, I'm not a big fan of CC, to be honest, but if at 18 months, my DD was as bad a sleeper as yours, I too would have done the same thing as you did - so Congratulations and well done. Here's hoping to many more goodnight's sleep for you and your family.


Well done in your little victory!

When i did cc i let them cry as long as i felt comfortable and the older they got the longer i left them.

I found if they were older it only takes 2-3 days of really consitent cc and day night routine and they will self settle nicely.

Good Luck

thanks smile

i hope i can stay strong through the night - its going to be hard because my heart breaks twice as fast when im tired LOL

anyway im off to spend some much needed quality time with DH.

good night and i'm sure i'll be on with an update in the morning!
way to go Emma.... may take a few days but don't cave even in the middle of the night... you will be much better for it as a non tired happy mum... opposed to a sleep deprived mess..

Your DH will be better for it too....

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

I have done the softy's version of CC. At Ashlee's age, if she is still hysterical after 4 or 5 minutes I would go in an give her a pat and soothing word. That said, if she really escalated early I would go in, or if she was starting to wear out I would leave it a few minutes more and hopefully she will stop.

You are in for an absolutely vile time for a while but please don't think you are being mean to your little girl. If you are exhausted, imagine how she must feel not to mention the anxiety she goes through every night because she cannot settle by herself. Just keep visualising how lovely it will be for her to wake up and then snuggle down by herself to go back to sleep. By being strong now, you are giving her a wonderful gift in the long run.
GREAT JOB EMMA!!! alot of ppl think that CC is the easy way out....but it is soooo hard sitting and listening to your baby cry! good on you for being strong enough to stick it out!!

It's the only thing that has worked on Livvy. in the middle of the night if she wakes i just lay her back down, stroke her back and she falls asleep pretty quickly, if she is being very restless then i offer water, but it is hard when all you want to do is go to bed!

Good luck with tonight!!

Well done Em, and good luck for tonight!

Stay strong hun but don't beat yourself up if it doesn't all go to plan the first night. Fingers crossed this is the beginning of a much better sleep routine.

Big hugs your doing a great job smile

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