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9wk old to sleep Lock Rss

Hi i'm new here, a friend told me about this site

iv got a 9wk old baby boy i was wondering if any one has any tips on getting him to sllep through the night?
any tips will be awesome thanks

teegan_wa_ cheyenne 26/10/04 & domenic10/2/06

Our daughter has a musical projected light that goes around and it shows teddy bears and stars on the roof above her cot and she loves it but I just make sure she has had enough milk to make her sleep though the night.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi there! I have a five month old son and he started sleeping through only about a month ago after I tried just about everything to get him through the night earlier, i gave up and he just did it by himself! I think it all has to do with their brain maturity and they wont sleep through till they are ready. My daughter slept through the night from 2 months on (I was very lucky) and I know a couple of people who had their babies sleeping through at only a couple of weeks! ( i still wonder if they were telling me tall stories! lol) and i know people with children over 12 months who don't sleep throuth the night! But at nine weeks he would probably be hungry! I was told to keep the lights off and make it really quiet so he wouldn't wake up fully! And once he started sleeping through regularly, I wouldn't feed him even if he did wake cos I know he can go all night with no milk. Hang in there, he'll be sleeping through before you know it!!
PS: we used to get him up for a feed at 10 pm before we went to bed so that was longer sleep for us.

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