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tried and tested dummy weaning advice please!!! Lock Rss

Hi girls,

DS is 1 in a couple of weeks and I have put off weaning the dummy (he has it when he sleeps - and needs it to fall asleep, which is where the issue is - and sometimes when he is upset) until after we move interstate. So, come February, we should be in a new home, well settled and DS should be used to his new surroundings and ready to wean the dummy!!!

We have tried it before and it almost worked but then DS got quite sick and the weaning fell to pieces. Also, there was ALOT of crying involved, which I didn't like.

SO, my question is: who has successfully weaned a dummy from a 1 year old (or any other age) and how did you do it??? How long did it take??? DId you throw them all out or did you keep them and still give them to bub sometimes?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

We had to get rid of the dummy when DS was 4 months old (he wasn't able to resettle without the dummy and therefore cried every 45min during the night).
We simply threw them all out on day (in the garbage bin so that we wouldn't be tempted to get them back). It took 24 hour of being pretty upset (and I was up with him most of the first night, telling him that I was sorry but that we had to do this to get proper sleep for everybody and giving him lots of cuddles). We never looked back since.
Obviously my son was much younger. Weaning the dummy with a toddler is probably a lot harder. Do you really need to get rid of it? At his age he should be able to find it himself and put it back in his mouth during the night... Why not keeping it until you can give it to the dummy fairy at 2.5 years old?
DD1 was about 1 when we got rid of her dummy, she only had it so sleep as well. we started saying it was yuck and she waould say yuck back and spit it out. then once she understood it was yuck i snipped about 2mm offthe top and gave it to her, she sucked it and pulled it out so we sait it was broken. a few nights later i snipped a bit more off untill she couldnt even get it between her teeth. then one day sleep we didnt give it to her and she never asked for it until dd2 was born whes she was 16months but she understood it was only for bubs. we caught her a couple of times chewing on one but she would give it back as soon as she knew we had seen her with it.

hope this helps

Our first was a dummy fiend, we did a slow wean till she had it just for bed and then one day we couldnt find them and said they are lost... the next night when she asked for them we reminded her they were lost and it was alot easier that we though it was going to be. Mind you... she was nearly 3.

Our second is 11 months and has never wanted one. They are all different. At 1 I wouldnt stress about it so much, as long as its not permanently in their mouth (ie kept for upset or bed time) then I dont think its an issue but if you do want to get rid of it then just be done with it, once they are gone they are gone. No point giving it to them sometimes, they either have one or they dont.
Okay girls here is the best advise I was given and it worked!!!!

Cut the end off the dummy....a friend of mine told me to do this and it worked with my 2 yr old daughter. She always insisted dum dum for bed.

So the night that I did it I gave it to her with a wrist loop thing that you put on your mobile phone. She was shocked at first saying "broken mummy" its broken! But she just put the loop over her wrist and was happy! I really didnt believe that it worked. She came out once that night but has been fine since.
She still likes to carry it to bed but hey she's not sucking that horrid thing anymore.

Good luck ladies! wink
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