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What time do you (or have you) put a 3 month old to bed? Lock Rss

Hello Ladies

Im just wondering for those who have a 3 month old (same as my DD) or near enough, What time do you put yours down for the night?

DD goes down between 6.30pm and 7pm. She will sleep till 3ish and have a feed, go straight back to sleep then sleep till 6 - 7am. So by the time i go to bed i dont get continuos 8 hrs (or whatever) but i figured its a good routine for DD.

I have friends who say "YAY we get 8/9 hrs sleep straight coz *there child* goes to bed at 12am and sleeps till 8 or 9". I asked them dont you have a routine for there night time and put them down early or anything and they are like nup we just go with whatever. So they are usually up with there bub till 12am then they all go to bed.

What does everyone else do? I just thought for future reasons DD should be in the habit of going to bed at a decent time now.


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I put my 7 week old down at around 8:30 and she sleeps through till 4 or 5. I figure as she gradually starts sleeping later, i'll gradually start moving her bedtime forward...
I always aimed for that time but sometimes it was a nap... unsure like i have just put my baby down now and he has gone to sleep but i think he will wake again about 9pm and then the other day i put him down for a nap at 5pm and he slept until 4am and we tried to rouse him about 9pm for a feed but he was dog tired...

I think your friends are keeping their baby up or not knowing really how to go about putting the baby down to bed for the night like doing a routine or something.
I always try to get DD (almost 4 months) down between 7.30 and 8.30pm (same time as DS) and she sleeps through until 8am now.
She normally sleeps at around 6pmish wakes up for her last feed (between 7 and 8 )and then I put her down for the night. But whatever works for you and ur bub is good. All babes are different. I do agree with you though establishing a night bed time now is good smile
As soon as mine came home from hospital we had a bath at 7.30 bed at 8pm routine.... they then gradually slept longer and longer from then, I found it good as with the 3 kids I just got them all to bed at the same time, and then I can have me time for a couple of hours but still get an early night til they need a feed...

I think what JJ is doing sounds pretty good really.... personally I think its easier to keep that bedtime and SHE will gradually sleep longer than to say put her down later but then down the track you will be trying to bring her bedtime back earlier IYKIWM??? And my mum was actually the one that said the 7.30 bedtime.... her theory? if you put them to bed early you get 'you' time at night, you can read, watch TV etc... whereas if you are all up late and then baby sleeps late you just sleep not getting any time to yourself if that makes sense?? Does to me!!! LOL
I'm one of those that puts their little one to be around 12am- not by choice, though! My girl is nearly 12 weeks, and takes after her father as far as sleep goes- it's hard to get her to sleep and she won't sleep for long. She is mostly happy and very healthy, so I figure she's o.k.

She likes to have a little feeding frenzy around midnight, so even if I get her to bed earlier (she usually won't settle for long) she'll still be awake and feeding like a mad thing for 2 hours around midnight. From there she'll wake up anywhere from 2 to 5 hours later, feed then back to sleep (most the time). The longest she's ever slept was about 8 hours and that was just the other day- I kept waking to check on her in panic, thinking something was wrong roll eyes Of course the night after this she was wide awake after 4 hours and wanting to play!

We sort of have a routine, it's just that she didn't get the memo! That all sounds really bad when written down but she's a happy, healthy, bright bub, so I think we're doing o.k.
My DD has always had a routine and she basically started it herself from the moment she was born! She would wake every 3-4 hours for a feed and then back to sleep.

We often had issues with her sleeping at night time with her reflux and for a while there she wanted to stay up till midnight. She started sleeping through (6-7 hrs) at about 3 months.

When she was 5 months she changed her routine again. She would wake at 8amish, feed, play, nap. Lunch, play, nap, Afternoon feed, play, nap. Play, bath, dinner, sleep by 6:30 till 8am the next morning. She still does that now and it's BLISS!!!

It works well for her and for DH and I. Of course as she gets older we will probably stretch her going to sleep out till around 7:30ish so she can have dinner with us.
DD is very on and off with sleep during the day now she is 9 weeks old. she is awake for much longer and as i am normally awake until 11pm pretty much every night, i feed her then she goes straight to sleep and sleeps till anywhere between 5.30-7 then has a feed then straight back to sleep till 9ish, this way i can still get a sleep in and dont have to wake during the night. i still find time for myself during the day and after dinner time as she sleeps for solid blocks of a couple hours so it works well for us i think.
My DS is 6 1/2 months -he goes down for the night between 8 - 8:30pm sometimes he wakes about 4ish for a bottle then sleep till bout 7:30 other wise he will wake between 5:30-6am at this time we usually get up and go back to bed bout 8:30 -9ish when DP goes to work and older girls school for about an hour.
I put my little one down at 7pm each night. Bath then feed at 6:30pm, then bed around 7. Sometimes its a bit before, sometimes a bit after. We have found that her 'grizzle time' is between 7 and 10:30pm... but we are persisting and she is now starting to fall asleep when we put her in her cot at 7, but then wakes up an hour or so after, then we have to comfert her and hold her to sleep up until 10:30pm where i give her another feed. Normally i give her a dream feed as she is asleep, but on the odd occasions she is awake for the feed, but settles straight after and will sleep right up until 7am! Sometimes i am really lucky and get a sleep in until 8am! I half follow the Tizzie Hall routine. I do not get my princess up before 7am.. even though at the start i was up resettling her up until 7am, but she soon picked up on it and doesnt wake until 7! Through the day i go by what she wants and needs. Depending on how tired she is through the day and her sleeps/feeds, i will only let her sleep at the latest until 6pm, then i wake her, bath her, feed her at 6:30, then bed at 7pm.
Im the same as you hun, if i tried keeping him up til midnight he woudl be a cranky crying mess!

Our routine....

-530pm i prep dinner and have it all ready on teh stove to be turned on at 6pm.

-after i prep dinner i feed DS, once he's fed around 6ish i start dinner.

-dinner at around 630pm then both DD & DS have a bath together

-7/7:30pm both kids in bed, or atleast Mia is in bed then i can settle mason for the night but he is never up past 8pm simply because if i kept him up he would be screaming the house down and ild have a nightmare time trying to rock a screaming overtired baby to sleep LOL

-Mia wakes up any where between 630am & 8am then wakes DS & I up sometimes she doesnt wake him he will sleep til 930am or sometimes he has a feed and continues to sleep and i get up with DD LOL

What your doin i belive is right,i dont think a bub should be up that late besides i like my own time to unwind and spend time with DP when he is home smile
Hi, my DD2 is only 4 weeks so we are a fare way from 3 mnths but I was wondering at the moment I am following the feed/play/sleep routine at bed time, trying for around 7pm. (most nights she cluseter feeds til 8:30) At what age did you change from feed/play/sleep to just feed then into bed for the evening. With my first I had a horrible time and didn't introduce a routine till 5 1/2 mnths. Then it was bath/feed/sleep, it didnt take long but worked really well and look forward to having it that good again. I figure that while she cluster feeds theres not much point but I know that eventually it will get better. Plus she is a terribly feeder (cant handle my flow)
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