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"Save Our Sleep" - anyone try it? Lock Rss

If you've tried it, what was your experience? Good and Bad experiences please!
My SIL uses it as a rough guide because it has a lot of practical information and tips (which I agree with) but every baby is different and some will respond well to the regiment (her sisters baby is a good example since she uses it as a bible) others will find their baby just won't fit that mold.

If what you are doing now really doesn't seem to be working for you and your baby then certainly give it a try but don't feel like its a failure on your part if your baby doesn't do what the book says he/she should.

I intend to use it as a good guide but not a mandate.
Its great as a general guide to let you know what the ideal routine is, and then you tweak it to fit your bub. It also has tips on sleeping problems, which i find if i combine the tips with some of the more practical ones on here i can usually find a solution that works for us (am currently doing that now, weaning my 12 month old off dummy)
I use it for a guide too I put my bubs down at 7.00pm which suits them perfectly it has good info about heaps of different stuff.
I tried to follow it but dd and ds are just so different that I gave up and just use it roughly
I first started SOS when ds1 was 5 mths and started waking 10 times a night. I had immediate success with the entire routine and found it great to help with introducing solids and helping me get rid of his dummy. I followed it to the letter with my first.

Ds2 started the routines at 6 weeks and was sleeping through with a dream feed by 8weeks. I was more flexible with the routines second time around and it still worked great.

I just loved the organization it gave me. I am a slight control freak and I felt like it gave me back some control.
I've tried it on both Children, my first I followed it down to the letter, and found I had more stress trying to get my baby to follow the schedule than I did without. At about 6 months I decided to drop the routine and only follow it lightly.. my child started sleeping for longer periods.
The second child, who is 4 months old didn't respond well to the routine as well. He hated the dreamfeed and catnaps during the day, not because he doesn't settle himself, but because he's got reflux...
So I guess with an ideal baby, you might get results out of the routine, but every baby is different. I think you can use it as a guide for sleep times and just follow the rule, always put your baby to sleep in the place it will wake up.
I've know other mums who use the routine down to the letter too, and most have not had sleep throughs till the bub was 5 months anyways.
used it with both my kids and loved it. we are a family that thrives on routine and luckily our kids do too.
My bible is 'The New Contented Little Baby Book', but I am told it is similar to 'Save our Sleep'.
Babies thrive on routine and it has worked a treat with all 4 of our children.
I do think there are bits and pieces that you can take on board or ignore according to how you feel though. I probably follow it 80%.
Hi! smile

After looking at a few different routine books, I chose SOS. I found this one easiest to follow and also there is lots of other good info and tips in the book.

I live a fairly structured life and like control, OK i'm a control freak, LOL! tongue So I found following a routine helped me and my baby immensely. If you're fairly carefree and easy going then perhaps routines are not for you.

One thing i will say, I think I tried a bit too hard to get my bub into a routine in the first 3 months of his life, and this caused me nothing but stress. So I believe at around this age would be best to really start a routine. I now know for my next I will just follow the "Eat, Play, Sleep" order from birth and then introduce SOS routine after a couple of months.

I won't say my bub follows the routines to the min, but I just follow roughly the times for feeding and sleeping and i found by 4 months my bub started sleeping the 7pm-7am, he didn't like the dream feed. So you just need to do a bit of trial and error and use it as a guide, but also let your bub tell you what they want a bit as well.

Good Luck!

I use Save Our Sleep and find it was really good at stopping the catnapping in my DD. It's also great for teaching bubs to self settle. DD has been able to put herself too sleep from about 4mths old (I started using the book at 3mths aprox.) and now I can put her in her cot or stroller wide awake and she will put herself too sleep.

Two other mums in my mothers group use it thouroughly and the other two just use it loosely, none of us have sleep problems 99% of the time.

BUT like a previous post said, all bubs are different and some times it wont work.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I am thinking about trying it but can someone please tell me if it involves controlled crying/comforting? I don't really know exactly what the routines are and thought I'd ask to get a bit of an idea before buying the book. I'm trying to get it from the library but there's a fairly long waiting list for it!! TIA.

Not controlled crying as such, it teaches you how to figure out why your bub is crying, and recognise different cries, and then if it is just a protest cry, it has recommended times to leave them to cry for based on age (for example, for a 3 month old it recommends leaving to protest for 6 mins then comfort/settle for 22 mins)
I'm not up for controlled crying. I've used the Baby Bliss routine by Jo Ryan. My DS is 4months and doing well. He is what they term a 40min wonder child during the day. I've tried all different types of strategies and none work I keep persisting everyday with hope smile. He is happy with 40mins during the day but he sleeps 8-12hours over night so I can't complain.
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