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Sleep "training" Rss

Just wondering at what age to start a sleep routine with baby. How do I go about it? I'm not sure what time frames bubs should be sleeping.

What age did you set a sleep routine for your baby?


What was the rough routine?
Hello there.

In answer to your first question, when you are ready! I did from week 8 with DS1 and from day 1 at home with DS2.

There are loads of routines out there. A very popular one is Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall. I use Gina Ford (very similiar, just UK based, Tizzie in Oz).

Establishing a routine can be hard work and you need to prepare yourself and those that support you for this. I have had great grandparents and grand parents constantly question what I am doing in the early days, but as I said to my dad, I have the long game in mind which is already paying off for DS2. My 'theory' is it takes 3 days to change something for a baby, so you have to line yourself up for 3 tough days each time to change something. I just moved DS2's dream feed back from 2230 to 2200. Done. Next thing is solids....

You need to be sure a routine will suit you and your baby. I love it because I know what I am doing at what time, and whoever looks after DS2 knows how to keep him happy too. Bonus is the sleeping through that both boys did (with a lot of work, is not easy) from 10 weeks.

Borrow some books from the library first to see what you like, then buy the one(s) you are using - so worth it, I constantly refer back to them.

Good luck.

Ta, gonna head out to library today and see what I can find.
i am also a Gina Ford user. my baby is 17 weeks and i used to routine from day 1 out of the hospital. She now doesn't have to cry for feed, or become overtired because she knows what we do everyday. She has slept through the night from 9 weeks old and is on 4 feeds a day ( she dropped the dream feed at 8 weeks). She is a very content baby but i must say i have GREAT difficulties with the lunch time nap!!!! She rarely does it but i don't mind because she is a great night sleeper. Good luck!
Babies don't need to be "trained" Just respond to your babies needs and you'll have a happy baby smile Feed when they are hungry, allow them to sleep when they seem tired, never wake them when they are sleeping. I found with all of mine they just fell into their own routine which just kind of fitted into whatever we were doing.
Good on you for wanting to look at doing some sleep training. I didn't and I have suffered lack of sleep for 6 mths and ended up with lots of habits that are not easy to break. My sons routine was not a routine and i didn't help matters. We are getting sorted now though thanks to a sleep consultants help. we had results from day 1 but we have started at 6mths (a bit late) Good luck smile
At the moment my boy is doing some decent sleeps during day. A 6pm till 11pm in evening then up several times between 1am and 8am and I'm just so tired because I have a 4 year old as well. When my older boy was a baby he just did the sleeping through the night by himself. Would love to be able to switch bubs sleeping so that I can get some sleep at night time.

Though last night when bubs went to sleep at 2am my 4 year old woke up from a bad dream (apparently there were people under his bed) and he wouldn't go back to sleep so my wanting to get sleep is a far fetched thing right now.
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