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help mums, advice needed re arvo nap Rss

My son sleeps fairly well during the day having 2, 2 hour sleeps. He usually wakes aound 3 or a little earlier, he will not go down for a nap around 4.30 ish which makes it very hard to get him through till 7pm, he gets quite grumpy around 5.30 and is high maintenance then for the rest of the evening.

Should I wake him earlier from his arvo sleep so he is tired enough to have a nap later? or try keeping him up from his arvo sleep so he wakes later? Any advice would be appreciated as having a tired, grumpy boy at dinner time brings a whole new meaning to the saying "the arsenic hour"

Donna & Fraser (5 mnths)
I followed the 4pm rule, seemed to really work well for us. I don't allow DD to sleep past 4pm (4.15pm at the very latest). It was also suggested to keep DD up for 3 hours before the night time sleep. That use to work, with DD asleep by 7pm (ish), however these days she is out to it by 6.15/6.30pm (thanks Kindy - lol).

I suppose, my suggestion would be to try and go for the 2 x 2 pattern = two hours up, two hour nap, two hours up, two hour nap - then 3 hours up and night time sleep.

Its only one method and I have no doubt you will get lots of others to try as well. Its quite tricky giggling thier routines to get it working just right for the family. Best of luck !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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