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7 month routines Lock Rss

I'd like to hear from experienced mums or from mums who's babies are good self settlers as to what basic routines you are following for 7 month olds.

I'm trying to help a friend tweak her baby's up times to get a bit more consistency in her day but it's been a while since I had a baby this young and just want to cross reference or get some new ideas. he can self settle to sleep and can string a few cycles together but seems to catnap more often than not in the day at the moment. he's very bright and alert and well fed on solids and has begun teething too. he was doing well but has gone off kilter in the past weeks and i'm wondering if he needs to be pushed to 2 sleeps and longer uptimes. he's been up around 2.25 hrs at a time but still catnaps at least the first sleep of the day and then maybe has a longer second. he sometimes has a third nap but sometimes fights it. any thoughts?


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Could the teething have something to do with it? Some babies dribble a lot and get restless when their faces are constantly wet or their clothes become damp if the are "light sleepers" Is the baby drinking more at the moment, therefore urinating more and his nappy wet and uncomfortable. That disturbs some babies. My Mother always vowed that I would wake up sooner if my nappy was wet. There was only towelling or flannel nappies then, no disposables which are designed to draw the mosture away from the skin.
I thought i would just share what my 7 month old boy does
up at around 6am has breakky and a 20 minute nap around 845 - 9 oclock
then he is up till around 1 then has an hour nap then is awake till 7-730 through the night he wakes around 1ish and we give him a bottle

He is very active and loves solids he still drinks around 5 bottles in 24hrs of 250ml each
Ideal day :
6am wakes bf
7am breaky
8.30 sleeps for 45 minutes or 1 1/2 hr, but am stsrting to resettle him so that he 'learns' to do the 1 1/2hr
10 awake bf finger food at some stage
1pm sleep
2.30 awake bf solids at some stage (finger food)
4.30 nap
5.15 dinner
6 bath
6.30 bf book bed at 7

think he can do 3 hours up without being overtired. any more and he is hard to settle when he normally self settles. any less and he only cat naps.
thanks all for your input. the last post is very much like the one she's been following but the first up has been 2-2 1/4 hrs up and he's catnapping so think i might suggest a tweek. he wakes 2-3 times a night and has his best feeds then. I think he's very busy and curious and is not feeding adequately in the day.

thanks again

If you fancy a laugh, visit my blog which is basically a collection of observations and rantings about motherhood, people and the mundane. See

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