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11 month old naps Lock Rss

DS is 11 and a half months and was sleeping from 730pm till 7am. but in the last couple of weeks has started waking at 5am.
Hes been having 2 naps a day an hour in the morning staying up for about 4 hours then having about an hour and a half in the afternoon.
but for the last week or so hes taking ages to go to sleep in the afternoon and really protesting going to sleep yesterday he didnt have an afternoon sleep at all.
So today i didnt put him down for a morning sleep and hes gone down for his afternoon sleep no problems at all and has been asleep for an hour so far. I was wondering is it ok to just give him his afternoon sleep?? What age do they normally go from 2 to one sleep??
its fine to just have an afernoon sleep, and to be expected at that age.My boys would have a huge sleep in the afternoons from about 12.30/1pm until 5pm

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I think 12 months is about the average time they transition to the one sleep, so you DS is about right on cue. wink

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