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Im going to lose my SHHHHH...Anyone awake??? Lock Rss

Ok Im sorry that there has been a little tension from my post.

Im going to clarify some things.
Bubs is 1 next saturday!
Firstly we have always had sleeping problems but they seem to come and go. More to that later
I have never used a dummy for either children. They never wanted one- not that I didnt try.
I feed to sleep. Its what works for me
I dont co-sleep. I have no problem with it and i will confess to the occasional night of sharing my bed in desperate times or sickness. I try not to make it a habbit. I like my bed and my orthopaedic pillow

This is what is happening. Over the last yr I have never been able to just put her down anywhere and expect her to sleep. I would get to the shops and BF before putting her in the pram where she would sleep happily. Travelling in the car was a nightmare. I liked my routine so bub would be at home in her bassinet for sleep time. She did have colic and silent reflux, so she was difficult at night. Getting her into bed and staying asleep would take 3-4 hrs, starting 7pm. I would feed her to sleep and lie her down.She would wake within the hr and I would try to feed her back to sleep. The problem with this was she was not getting up all the wind but was wanting to feed to soothe the reflux. we would then be stuck in a cycle of feed, scream, wind, scream, feed,wind, get the point. At 5 mths I decided to limit her feeds just for the first part of the night. I would feed her at 7 then bed. If she woke before 10pm hubby and I took turns rocking her back to sleep. The next feed was anytime after 1am & then 5am. By putting her on a feeding schedual at night (demand feed daily usually right before sleep) helped a lot with the colic. Medication settled the reflux.

The main problems started at 7 mths. She will firstly feed to sleep. Most nights was the same, Feed then bed. I stuck to the feeding plan most nights. 2-3wks all is great. She would sleep 6-8 hrs straight most nights. then things turned bad. She starts refusing to be put down. then she wants to be on the boob all the time. It takes an hr to settle her on the boob. Then when she wakes again refuses the boob but wont be cuddled to sleep or rocked or even patted in her cot. Nothing that we would normally do gets her to settle. Its like she is a different child. I call her my husbands spawn. He can be unpredictable but never in a bad way. It can take hrs to get her to sleep. well into the early hrs of the morning. Teething, groth spurts, gas pains, upset tummy, growing pains, sickness...I give nurofen/panadol, we have tried warm baths, repeating bedtime routine, checking is she is hot or cold. We just dont know. It can just be one bad night or last for a few wks.

The last 3 nights I have not had more than 4 hrs sleep. Last night was the worst in a while. When I sy we have tried everything might be an exaggeration but yeah we have tried pretty much everything that have been posted. When we have tried a new sleep technique we would do it for 7-10 days. Never any change. Sometime it just made things worse then out of no where she just goes back to sleeping like and angel. Straight to bed off the boob waking 1-2 times a night. Straight back to sleep after BF.The last month she has a bottle of milk before BF. Im hoping she will start to fall asleep after a bottle and forget the boob just like DS did but at an earlier age. Slow transition but I think she likes the boob too much.

So tonight seems to be a good night. She went to sleep straight off the boob. I have had to resettle her once and now Im off to bed.

I wanted to say thanks to all who replied. Its nice to get such support especially from strangers. I am sorry things got heated. I did not find anyone's replies offensive and I do think those who were offended may have miss understood others posts. No one is perfect. and no one has all the answers. I really appreciate the sugestions.

I am at a loss. I dont know what her problem is and I may never work it out. She is my little mysterious monster.

Chalys thank you for your views. I heard you
Thank you everyone. I feel good about how I handle thing, just wish I know what the cause was

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

That sounds very very rough... Thanks for writing all that. It makes it a bit clearer!

Have you had her checked out?

Does she sleep better in a more upright position?

As you said it sounds like there is something else going on rather then it being a matter of using the "right" technique for her to go to sleep. Maybe she is having some gut issues? No idea what food she has but is it possible that may be playing a part? Thinking intolerances maybe?

Would putting her in a sling while you do stuff around the house be any good? (Her age I would suggest an ergo)

I hope you had a better night last night and I really hope it improves soon. Lots of love to you. Xxx
Thanks for clarifying. It really sounds a lot like my dd
She would wake up screaming. We thought she may have silent reflux and the paed trialled mylanta but she didn't have it in the end. It really was just bad habit. She would wale screaming for the boob because thats what helped her to sleep. Some babies will happily settle with a feed but for some this becomes a vicious cycle of waking every 40 min for the boob to help them sleep which then.leads to too much wind and tummy pains. My dd was the latter, always thought her colicky but it was the constant feeding.
It may not be your problem but it could be the same. Karitane really helped me break that cycle with a feed play sleep routine and no feeding to sleep. It has really settled her wind and shes learned to settle without being being fed.

HI Alli-Cat,

I do hope that you have been getting some sleep lately!! Have you tried contacting Ngala? I have heard great things about them, although never tried them myself. I hope you get it sorted soon and get some decent nights sleep!
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