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Hi everyone

I have a three and a half month old little boy, Ryan, and and am just wondering what other mums sleep their babies in. I sleep Ryan in a Wondersuit with a singlet and socks underneath, then wrap him in a muslin wrap, with one flanalet sheet and a cot doona plus have the heater on very low all night and most nights he sleeps 8-9pm till 6-30-7am without stirring. But I have heard that cot doona's are dangerous and I don't know what other mothers do?

it is said that cot dooners can be dangerous because the baby can bring them over their face (or slip under) and suffocate. in saying that though, if the doona is tucked in tightly and your bub is wrapped, i dont see the harm. My DS sleeps in a wondersuit with singlet, a 0.5 tog grobag and 2-3 blankets over the top. he wriggles around all night, but he's got really good neck control, and can move himself if the blankets go over his head. maybe if you are worried, you could wrap him in a thicker blanket?

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

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