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Help! Whats the difference between a whinge and an "emotional" cry???? Lock Rss

Hi Everybody,
I really need some advice as my 13 week old daughter Jessica is beginning to get into the habit of needing me to rock her in my arms to calm her down and get to sleep. I give her a feed at 6pm, she gets a bath and dressed for bed. I always offer her a little more bottle after this time just incase she's still hungry. Then at 7pm its bedtime. I put her into her little sleeping bag suit thing, sing her one song in her room and lay her down and then put her dummy in. If she's in a good mood (not very often), she'll start sucking and be asleep pretty quickly. But usually it goes something like this-
She spits the dummy straight out at me or gags on it whilst maintaining eye contact with me and then starts crying. She squirms around in her sleeping bag and i try and offer her the dummy again. She might have one or two sucks and then spits it back out. At this point i say "it's time to sleep" and leave the room (getting ever more frustrated). Her crying escalates and escalates. I go in and offer her the dummy again but she's too angry to take it so i offer some words of reassurance and leave again. After this she gets absolutely hysterical. Eventually i have no choice but to pick her up and rock her to calm her down. She begins to fall asleep straight away in my arms. So i put her back down and it happens all over again. After 3 or 4 times of this happening she will eventually be put down semi-awake and settle okay with her dummy. Why does she carry on like this at the start if she's going to settle in her bed anyway????? The other morning this happened and she got so angry that she burst a blood vessel in the side of her face (size of a grain of sand, but i noticed it). When i pick her up her face is all red and she has tears streaming down her cheeks and her hair is wet from sweat. Is this what you would consider an "emotional cry"???? How can i ignore this and leave her to settle? It doesn't work! I've tried the patting shhhing thing and that makes it SO much worse. I'm sure that my child doesn't know how to whinge...... It's all or nothing with her and she's incapable of calming down without help. What on earth can i do??? Its getting to the point where i'm ready to throw her out the window every evening - and every nap time for that matter. Its the same in the car and just about any time that she wants to be picked up. I'm going crazy and unfortunately as terrible as it sounds i've inadvertently taught my 2 year old to say "oh, shut up jessica!" Jess has been a very fussy baby since birth, is it just my lot? Is there anything i can do?

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

a baby's protest cry (and a baby who is fighting sleep) has gaps and the tone and pitch may vary. for example: waaa pause waaaaa pause waa pause wa pause waaaa pause etc the pauses will get longer as your baby starts to fall asleep

an emotional cry or a hungry cry is continuous with no pauses. it doesnt vary in pitch or tone. for example waa waa waa waa waa waa waa waa

a protest cry is ok to leave, but i would never leave your baby if it is an emotional cry

hope i have helped

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

i think when a baby is really distressed they have a very high pitched scream

when they would just like attention it is a real whinge,not too high pitch just a very annoyed whinge

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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