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Just doesnt sleep help Rss

Ive been reading posts and so surprised at the trouble alot of mums have with bubs sleeping.Mine has always been a terrible sleeper barely sleeping during the day less then 20mins every 2-3hours and at night waking up every 45mins.Im just tired,grumpy and dont know how to cope with a baby who wants to play at 2am.He is rolling around now which does not help.
Can you help me?Ive been refered to a sleep clinic in a few months but in the mean time Im just so sick of it all.Do you all ever feel this way?What advice can you give me?

KL,NSW,son born 22/3/04

my son is the same !! i tried everything and doesnt work !!! he only goes back to sleep if I give him breast !! most he sleeps at night is two ours at the time!!!it is very hard to be patient with him !!!i did the feed/ play /sleep but he ended up screaming for two ours and still no sleep !! i keep waiting for him to grow out of it which is a shame because i can't enjoy him!!and he is never happy because i think he must be tired too!!!!
Hi There,
Have you read "The new Contented little baby Book"? The lady is very strict and I dont follow everything she says but it is good in the way that it gives you a guide. My little girl was also a cat napper during the day but since kind of sticking to this, it seems to have worked. Since she was born, I have been doing bottle/breast, bath, massage then bed and she has been sleeping through since about 2 weeks old from 7 until about 4. Only recently has she started to wake at about 3ish. But saying that, every baby seems to be different. If you are a routine kind of person, I have been told that you just need to stick with it and they will adapt. Anyway, I hope that things get a little bit better for you. There is nothing like being sleep deprived. Keep me posted as to how you are going.

Caroline, QLD, 4mth baby

Thank you for all your advice and help.Its been dreadful the last few days.Now he has decided he wont sleep at all.Im just getting angry and its getting to me.I live with my family and im trying the "Controlled Crying"when he cries when I go.Its just hard when they tell me to keep him quiet.Its just hard when you need a solution like asap!

KL,NSW,son born 22/3/04

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