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Help ! Baby not sleeping through ! Lock Rss

I get so depressed when i hear about all those babies who 'sleep through' the night..

My girl is nearly 4 months and not only does she STILL catnap during the day, but doesn't sleep through the night either!

She wakes twice for a feed - around 1ish then again around 4ish... then starts her day between 6-7am !

What can i do to help her sleep through the night?

What can i do to try and eliminate one of those feeds at least ??????

It feels like as soon as i sleep, she's awake again and i'm soooo tired!


You poor bugger... Some babies just like to keep their mummies awake! (Must be revenge or

I think the most important thing I have found is that routine is very important and the other is how the baby gets itself off to sleep as a baby relies on that method everytime they are awake. So if you pat her to sleep than that is how she associates sleep and needs that to go to sleep each time.

I found that DD just dropped the feed by herself by sleeping through it then eventually dropped both feeds but I have friends who rather than feed would re-settle bubs to sleep and eventually this did work for them but it means spending time at night doing this and possibly bubs being a bit upset to start with.

Also some babies still need that extra feed, also it depends if you are breastfeeding or bottle as breastfeeding is digested quicker and so they tend to feed more often.

How do you settle your bub now?

I found that the Tizzie Hall book everyone here raves about is quite good it is called 'Save our sleep' and you can get it at big w for about $20. It has lots of routines and help in there.

Hope I have been of some help
Hi, i have a nearly 6mth old baby girl and she has never slept through the night, so yes i feel for you and i hate hearing about all these babies that 'sleep through', i have recently brought the tizzie hall book that is mentioned several times on this site and i am finding it really hard to stick to. I also tried the 'dream fee' last night and i guess it worked but my little one woke at 530am and i was only able to hold her off till 6am for a feed then she was so tired and would not eat breakfast around 730am-8am so went to bed again???? i don't know if this is the start of a good thing or not i will let you know how i go..... Plus her room was down to 14 degrees and i think she may have been cold earlier this morning??? Babies huh!She is also breast and bottle fed...

Renay, NSW, 6mth baby girl.

have you tried a dummy at the 4am feed. my 12 week old did the same for a little while then i tried the dummy at that time now he sleeps that little bit longer. he has a feed between 12-1am then sleeps til 6-7.

Kel and Andrew

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