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7 month old routine please Lock Rss

DD will be 7 months tommorroe... yay!!

she has been waking from naps early and its getting harder to keep her awake till her next nap coz shes waking earlier

she is sleeping throughout the night wonderfully

what are your 7 months routines please

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi smile

We started following the tizzie hall routine around that age and it still works well now..give or take a bit.

7am - wake and milk
8am - brekkie
9am - sleep
11am - wake and milk
12noon - lunch
1pm - sleep
3pm - wake and milk
4.30pm - nap no later wake up than 5.15pm (kyla dropped this one)
5.20pm - dinner
6pm - bath
6.30pm- milk
7pm - bed
10.30pm - dreamfeed

Good Luck
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