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breaking routines for social events?? Lock Rss

Hi all

I'm just after some opinions on whether or not you think breaking their routine is a bad thing?

For eg: - My daughters bottle routine is 8am,12noon,4pm,8pm then bed by 8:15pm.

She is the type of bub that is a light sleeper (which annoys the heck out of me), and rarely sleeps if we aren't home, she is also the type of baby that gets really grumpy if she's tired and lets the whole world know about it.


I like to have her home for her 8pm bottle so I can put her straight to bed and know that she will fall a sleep straight away, during the day I'm not as fussed as she only sleeps 2 hours in the morning and an hour at lunch time usually.

With evening events I like to (when possible) get home by 8pm so after her bottle she can go straight to bed, but my partner say's she needs to get used to it and we can't always stop our plans to make sure she is home by 8. I have a feeling you ladies are going to tell me he's right BUT, I don't like that idea, for eg: a few times when we have gone to his mums for Sunday roast we usually make it a card night and TJ has been so unsettled when we get home at around midnight, sometimes taking an 1-2 hours to get back to sleep. I feel terrible for that and told him we aren't ever doing that again!! She even woke after hearing a few of us laughing and stuff and had to see her with the bottom lip up crying and she just kept staring at me across the table as if to say Save Me Mum....

When I said to my partner that she won't sleep at other peoples houses, his comeback was - she's never had the chance to!

Am I just too soft and over protective?

Yes your hubby is right....but i know exactully how you feel.

I have a 13mth old daughter who is a terrible daytime sleeper and i found that i was like you, and wanted to have her home so that she could have a sleep in her own bed....because if she didnt she was like a cranky hornet for the rest of the day!

Many people told me that she needed to learn to sleep in all sorts of out and about in the pram. We went away for a holiday and i had no choice as to where she could sleep as we were often away from the hotel and i couldnt put her down to sleep. And she eventually taught herself to sleep out and about and has never looked back.

She still has her moments with sleeping but it is nothing like it was before.

You need to let go of your fears and give it a try, she might just surprise you!!

I probably havent been much help but i do know where you are coming from.

Goodluck i hope it gets better for you....there is light at the end of the tunnel!


My sons bed time is 7pm and I make sure he is at home and fed by 7pm ( or 7:30pm at the latest ) He too gets very destressed when he is being moved about and woken and re-settled at night time and I dont like it either. My DF has come to terms with this and we still go out for early dinners at about 5pm, or we get my mum to sit if we want to go out at night, or we have people over to our house. I like my bubby to feel comfortable and secure, and I know I like to sleep in my own bed at my own bed time too. I say to DF that its not going to be like this forever. The first 5 -6 months of sleeping for DS was terrible so I dont like anything to unnecessarily disrupt his sleeping patterns now ( with the exception of teething, cold and all the rest smile )

Hi there,

if you are finding that it is too stressful for you and your baby to break the evening routine then don't. If your partner perhaps still wants to head out, maybe he should head out with your little one and then he may understand and appreciate just how hard it is for you to try to settle your baby in an unfamiliar environment.

You're not too soft or over protective, you know your child better than anyone else and there will be a time when you will be ok with heading out in the evenings breaking the routine every once in a while, whether you discover that by accident or however it happens.

hope this helps, i feel for you...

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