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Hi All

Just wondering how much sleep my son who is ten months old is suppose to have?
It is such a struggle to get him to have a sleep during the day. He would be quite happy to stay awake all day but im sure he must be too young to cut out his sleeps. At night i struggle to put him down because he is so over tried he screams the house down for hours. Any help would be appreciated
Merry Xmas
Regards Mel smile
Hey Mel,

I used to have heaps of sleep troubles with my bubba and like your little one, she wanted to stay awake all the time and would get really tired and grumpy. I read this fantastic book that a friend loaned me. It's basically a sleep reference guide and help me to get Alynta into a good day time routine plus we went from hard toput down at night and wking all through to putting herself to sleep & sleeping through.

If you'd like anymore info, just let me now.

Take care & have a great day!!
Hi Shanna

You've got me interested in this book. What's it called??

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hey Kerryn,

The name of the book is 'On Becoming Baby Wise' and it's basically a sleep & feeding reference guide (focuses most on sleep, but since they're tied in together, goes into feeding a fair bit too). It's written by Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam and is easily available through the website of the distributors which is The organization is called Growing Families Australia and there's some pretty good parenting type info on there also. The book is currently on special (while stocks last and 'til Dec 31) for $14 but I'm not sure of postage.

So do you have a problem sleeper?? Happy to share more if you're interested. Just let me know if I can help at all. Hope you're having a great day.

Many thanks for your information Shanna it is so appreciated glad to hear there are others out there with the same problem. I have bought the book and waiting for it to arrive. Over the Christmas period we had a struggle as our son was so over stimulated with all the pressie's etc he wouldnt sleep sad I have spent the last couple of days trying to get into some sort of routine so far working well......
Many thanks again
Warm Regards Mel
Hi Mel,

Thanks for your post. It was great to hear how things are going with you. My appologies for the delay in replying.

So great you've decided to check out the book. You must have it by now - what are your thoughts?? I can imagine just what you mean about the problems you had over Christmas. You'll find once you have a solid routine in place, the occasional thing (like Christmas or whatever) won't throw such a spanner in the works.

You're so welcome for the info. Hope it's helping. Would love to hear how things are progressing.

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