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Wont take a dummy... Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone has some advice. My son is 3 weeks old today and i find it hard to settle him down for a sleep. I have to sit next to him with my finger in his mouth to suck on, or lye in my bed with him and feed him till he falls asleep, i have tried to give him a dummy but he just cant seem to get the hang of it and it just falls out of his mouth. Is there any way to get him to sleep without me, or some kind of trick to get him to take a dummy?

My DD wouldnt take a dummy till she was three months, I rocked her to sleep - it would only take a few minutes. I think at this very early age its fine to rock, cuddle or whatever you need to do to get them off to sleep.
have you tried a different style dummy? maybe he doesnt like the one you have for him. also try putting a little breast milk on it he may like it then. i also used to put a bit of infants friend or infacol when they were old enough makes it a little tastey for them. DONT however put honey or condensed milk or anything like that it can upset their tummies and cause thrush.
Posted by: Ava'sMummy

I rocked her to sleep - it would only take a few minutes. I think at this very early age its fine to rock, cuddle or whatever you need to do to get them off to sleep.

no offence avas mummy but i think at any age its ok to rock/cuddle etc if thats what your comfortable with
try different dummies! My bubs wouldnt take any except the cherry tet ones.. more specifically sesame street ones from target!

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I agree, try different dummies.

At 2 weeks old we spent a fortune in Target on a few different ones. Ended up she liked the NUK orthodontic. We would just hold it there for the first minute each time till she got the jist.

Good luck

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

MY DD uses the NUK orthodontic, it has like a flat bottom and rounded top. Make sure you have the right sized one aswell, they are for all different ages.

And to get them to take the dummy, when you pop it in there mouth just gently stroke the side of their cheek, it works a treat! AND SHE should take to it pretty well.

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You could maybe try a different dummy- I have found DS#1 would only take Tommy Tippee dummie while DS#2 won't take them he will only take Nuk- go figure. Hope this helps.

My DD wouldn't take a dummy either & lactation consultant told me to hold it in her mouth & then make a clucking noise with your tongue against the roof of your mouth IYKWIM. The noise makes them start sucking for some reason (& so does tickling under the chin). Good luck!

Buy the Happy baby ones - the cheapest ones from your supermaket...

my midwife friend told me this, and it is the only one she'd take...I kept putting it in her mouth till she took it..

dummies are a gift from heaven..


My 2 youngest girls were the same- wanted a dummy or something to suck on but could not work out how to hold the dummy in their mouth. I tried a few different shaped teats but it made no difference- they still popped out of their mouth after about 2 sucks.

I did what you do- I used my pinky finger- day and night to help settle to sleep. I continued to offer the dummy as well- holding gently in place to give them some practice sucking it. By 3 months my girls got the hang of the dummy. Youngest DD is a dummy pro now.

Your bub is so new still and learning lots of skills and adjusting to this new big world- just give him time and he will get there eventually with the dummy.

Take Care
In my opinion i wouldn't give him a Dummy try something else like rocking him to sleep. I am having big trouble getting rid of my boys dummy he is 3 months old. My next bub will not be having a dummy.
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