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vomit after new solid food Lock Rss

Hi there
I tried new solid food for Jasmine yesterday for dinner.

I cook beef mice +carrot+tomato+green vegi+potato simmer for 30 mins after blend them together.
She only eat a little bit. ..

she woke up 3 hours after and crying and screaming. my hub went in her room to pick her up, she vomit straight away, ( i think maybe she had sore tummy after the food)
After 10 mins , she is ok and happy. i feed her formula to comfort her, and she went back to sleep ..until the moring.

What's wrong with my cooking???
She start solid food ,when she was 5 months old( she loves rice ceral, pumpkin.that's she have the moment.
What should I cook for her new solid food?

Any suggetion for me please
thank you


Jasmine 08/03/05

Hi Grace

My son is 3 weeks younger than your little one.
I'm no einstein on solids...but i'm thinking it was the tomato that upset her. In a book i have on solids (my bible at the moment!!) it says that tomatoes are one of the top 10 problem foods in babies. I would stop giving her the tomato and maybe only give her meat with 2 veg for a little while. eg i give Jack beef with potato and carrot or beef with pumpkin and broccoli....things like that. I think it may have been too many foods together for her little tummy. The beef is quite strong a flavour too...i only add a little bit to the puree.

Hope i've made sense.
Good luck and take care.

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