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Doesn't like rice cereal Lock Rss

Hi everyone
I was want to start my little man (not that he's little, last weight at 11 weeks was 7.2kg) on solids soon and have been trying every now and then on rice cereal to see if he wants to start himself but he does seem overly impressed by it. He doesn't spit it out but doesn't want more than a couple mouth fulls. I have also tried the pear & banana rice cereal with the same reaction but he will eat strained pear and apple by themselves. The reason I'm trying him on solids is he doesn't seem to want to have his mid-morning bottle. He has 5x200ml bottles a day and lately with this bottle he's hungry but only has about 2/3 at the most and sometimes less. He feeds about every 4 hours but after this bottle he hungrier sooner.
Has this happened to anyone else? Is it alright to not start them on rice cereal? Can I mix the rice cereal with strained fruit if he likes it that way?
You can start them on what ever you want. Rice cereal is high in iron so from about 6 months on they need it as not getting quite enough from milk (breast or formula) - so we were told.

You certainly could mix it with strained fruit - thats great if your boy likes it that way. Have you had a mouthful of the cereal? I think it tastes yucky and feels yucky in my mouth so not suprised that my DD wasn't too fond.

My DD had a bit of a reaction to it too, so I mix a bit in with her pumpkin at night - just so she gets the goodness from it.

Lots of babies don't seem to take to the cereal or have reactions of some kind. There is lots of different brands and some organic stuff. I've read from a few mums that they tried a few different types till they found one their baby liked.

Best of luck !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

i started my little boy on rice cereal at 3months and he wasnt too keen on it either, but i dont blame him - i mean HAVE YOU TRIED IT>??? its YUK!!!
I started putting 1 ice cube of my own purreed pears. He loved it. I soon dropped the rice cereal once i was finished the box and was giving him 3 plain pureed ice cubes of pears.

To do your own pears visit and check out the "whats cooking for baby page" there is instructions on how to cook your own baby pears, apples and heaps more other fruits and foods that you will soon start to try. Good luck -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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