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At odds About solids Help!!! Lock Rss

My Son is nearly three months old and is showing all the signs of wanting solids but everything that i have read says only after 4 months. He is on a hungry baby formula at the moment and is taking around 160mls 5 times a day but is starting to wake at night when he was sleeping through and he did not put on much weight over the last two weeks. He is hungry but won't take more formula. some of you started on solids at around three months and I am just courious to know if any one has any feed back to offer me. Any advice would be most appreciated as I am so confused.
Hi Kristie - Reading your message so sounded like me a couple of months ago.....I wasnt sure what to do as my son seemed to want food (watched us eating like a hawk, would move his mouth and copy us etc.... but I waited until he was 5 months in the end, as a couple of times when he was watching us eat I would pass him food and he would just play with it not eat it. I guess he was curious rather than hungry, and my boy was having 5 or 6 feeds of 260mls (he is a big boy). All of my friends with bubs waited until at least 5 months before rice cereal and a couple like me waited even that bit longer and made a pretty swift transition to fruit and veg. Only you know what your baby needs, but I would maybe suggest if you are going to start this early maybe do just rice cereal for a while as bubs tummies really arent ready for more than at at that age, and then as bub's gets older you could add fruit etc....You will probably have people tell you to wait till 6months as that is what the World Health org recommend, but then only you know your baby so as long as your bub is happy that is the most important thing. Well that is what I think anyway. Good luck

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

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