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Dairy and wheat free baby what to do Lock Rss

I have a 7 1/2 month old baby boy he has allergies and i find it hard to come up with new ideas on food for him we dont give him wheat so no bread, pasta etc and no dairy so no custard etc and he has no meat which is fine because i give him black strap molases for iron but every baby food on the market bar two on them has milk products or sugar or flour, i have been making his food since he was 4 mths old but have run out of good ideas. if anyone has any good ideas on new foods to give him it would be much appreciated cheers
Hello cezbear, my son is a mucus baby and wheat and dairy make it worse. We have found in health food shops and in the health food section of our supermarket a large range or dairy and wheat free products. There is pasta and spaghetti which are made from rice but taste the same to me. They have biscuits by a brand called Freedom Foods (web site which are wheat and dairy free. There is a brand called Country Life which has wheat free bread (made of rye flour) and biscuit which are really yummy. We have also found soy ice cream, margarine, yoghurt and custard. They also have soy cheese but I havent found a nice one yet but the other day I did find a soy cream cheese but havent tasted it yet. Of course my son can have rice and corn so he can have rice cakes, rice biscuits and rice bubbles for breakfast. He can have rolled oats, cornflakes and the noodles made with rice. At the organic health food shop they sell potato and rice flour and of course there is rye flour. We have also found cruskits which are made from rye and we also have ryvita's. We have found gluten free sausages and cheerios. My son can have goats milk which makes things a bit easier. He can also have milk solids but not too much. What we did was just take our time and read all the ingredients on the product we normally would buy and then read all the others brands to see who had what. Our first couple of shopping trips took a few hours each time but once we knew the brands it was much faster and easierr. He can also have plan potato chips and I have found a chip made of cassava & topioca flour which are very delicious(web site I have posted a few wheat free recipes under the General Discussion under recipes. You may have to play around a bit with the recipes ie use rice milk, soy margarine etc... I found them whole looking for meal ideas on a site by the Coeliac Society. Perhaps the NZ branch may have their own site with more recipes you can share with me!! Sorry I can only tell you OZ brands but hopefully you can find the same or equivalant in NZ
Good luck, I know what you mean by running out of ideas. As you know meal times can be very boring due to repetitions.

Have you tried searching the internet for different food ideas? I don't have an exact website address but just do a search through your search engine ie. google. I find so much useful info through there. Another idea would be to see either a naturopath or a food dietician.

Good luck.


Mum to toddler

Hi there
My 8 month old son is lactose intolerant, and I make custard for him by using lactose free formula in place of milk, or you could use soy milk. Josh loves the Soy custard too. I make nutritious & tasty Jelly by using plain gelatine crystals, diluted juice, and pureed fruit. I then add to the mixture 1 probiotic capsule - I use Ultra Flora, (you can get these from a health food store or naturopath) as this helps to boost the good bacteria which aids digestion & helps to counteract the side effects of lactose intolerance. Joshs fave Jelly mix is Apricot Nectar with peach & mango puree.
I have also ordered goats yoghurt from a health food store, but it comes plain so I will mix my own fruit into it for flavour.
Good luck and please share any more ideas you get - im always looking for new things for my son to try too!
From Kandice

Kandice, Adelaide, Joshua 17.8.03

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