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Suppositories for constipation - 6 month old Rss

Has anyone used a suppository for constipation with a 6 month old? I think I will get some today to try because she's been straining to do a poo for days and nothing happens. Have been using the prunes but she's very uncomfortable.

Wondering if you only use these in desperate measures or if it's ok to just use so it doesn't get any worse?

Have just started her on S26 step 2, a pharmacist told me this could give a baby constipation as step 2 formulas are usually a bit thicker. Anyone had issues with going to step 2?

My DD was formula fed and was also on S26. She was always having constipation problems and she was that bad once she had to go to hospital. I did end up using a suppository which helped her go then but didnt solve the problem.

s26 is known for causing constipation problems so my doctor suggested going to a HA formula that was more gentle on babies tummies,

I switched her to NAN HA and we never had a problem again!!!!
S26 was just to strong for her littl tummy.

It was the best switch i ever made.

Good luck and i hoped that helped


Take your bubs to see a chiropractor!! Safe, gentle and effective!!

Hi, sorry to hear your bubs is constipated, it can be distressing for both mum and bub. However I would take her to the docs before using type of suppository or enema as they can make the bowel become lazy. (if used often of course) if you know its the milk causing the problem then change, I too can reccomend Nan Ha1 gold its the best out as its already pre-digested (so to speak) and bubs will have no trouble pooping. Goodluck.

Yes. S26 is well known that will cause constipation. I am feeding my baby S26 too. I also have this problem, but lucky just mild. If you don't want to switch the formula, I've got an advice from a midwife - just add extra 10ml water when you do the formula, remember, just 10ml ONLY.

Also, if you're introducing solid to your baby, e.g. rice cereals, don't add formula into it, add water instead. Offer water for baby to drink after each solid. Although my baby doesn't like water, but one sip is better than nothing... My friend told me I can start offer my baby fruit juice (10ml juice + 100ml water) around 7 months. May be you can try this too.


Have u tried water with a bit of brown sugar??? I use S26 and when we changed to step 2 she was a little constipated. The water with brown sugar cleaned her out within about 2 hours. Ive only had to do it 2 or 3 times and I gave it to her if she hadn't done a poo the day before, so it didn't become a big problem.

my daughter was also constipanted at 6months old (she was breast feed) and had to go hospital ang got a suppository which did not work that well and had to get an annama (which u can buy frm a chemist)....the doctor told me not to give her iron rich foods and i use karicare formular its low in iron........ she is 9 months old now and stil has problems doing a poo...but i give her parachoc. u get it frm d chemist.its for 1 year n over but i just giv her 3mils....... its oil based so it really helps
Hi....... i was told by doctor to use suppositories on my baby as well she was onlt 8 weeks and they were huge for her being so little, i used Novalac Constipation formula from the chemist, i gave it to her in the morning and by afternoon she was pooing with ease i kept her on it for nearly 3 days gave her a good clean out and then put her on Bellamey's organic formula from coles or woolworths and she hasn't been constipated since............just don't leave bub on constipatino formula as they can develop a lazy bowel............ good luck and i hope this helps your precious baby!!

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