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Tinned mango & peaches. Rss

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if it would be okay to get tinned mango & peaches, in natural juice only to puree up & give to my bub with his rice cereal at breakfast?

I have been giving him either apple or pear & occassionally banana (but that clogs him up a little, so we only have that on the odd occassion), but I'd like to be able to try something else, so was thinking the tinned mango or peaches...would that be okay do you think?

Any advise would be appreciated.

PS. I know my son is only 4 1/2 months, so please I don't want to be lectured about him not being 6 months & on solids already...


Ho lecture from me Aiden's mum! I started Mitch at 4.5 months too (and was told to do thisby our GP!).

I was told that it is fine to give tinned mango etc..... but just run them under water first to get all the juices off - even the natural juices one as they are quite syrupy.

Go for i say - you know whats best.

Have you tried mixing the banana with the pear? This might combat the 'clogging up'. It doesnt look like you have started with any veges get otherwise i would suggest broccoli to combat the banana (sorry i just realised that i have said this in another post in response to you).

Good luck with the mango & peaches!

Simone, Mitchell 27/09/05 Taya 21/09/07

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