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When to start soilds? Rss

Hello All,

I have a 2.5 month old daughter Madeline and want to be prepared when I go to start her on soilds. You here other say they started there at 4/5months but they so called experts say dont start until 6 months. Can any one help?



You will no doubt get a vast range of opinions with responses which I think is a good thing. It means you can get a variety of options and then pick what suits you or bubs. Even though I am pro waiting till bubs is 6 months, it doesn't mean I don't support those who start their bubs earlier. I like to say that up front as I don't want to be seen as giving other mums a lecture - I really don't think that is appropriate behaviour on this site.

I preferred to wait because all the information I could find on starting solids said the same thing. The main reasons I waited was the extra work put on their little kidneys. Research shows that some babies have had damage from the extra work they go under when processing solids. The second point that worried me is that there is a link between some allergies/reactions and babies who start solids before 6 months.

Naturally the research doesn't mean that every baby will have any kind of negative effect from solids. Its like any-thing we put our bubs through - immunisation - circumcision (etc) there are risks either way (pros and cons) - you just have to weigh it all up and do what you are comforatable with.

Some good advice I was given was to eat infront of your bub. DD would mimic me eating, moving her mouth etc. As she got bigger I sat her in her chair with a spoon - just to get her use to it. By the time I started solids she took to them so well, I was really lucky.

Best of luck - there is some fun albeit messy times ahead for you - LOL !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi There,

I started my little man at 4 months as his bottles werent enough for him, you will know when bubs is ready for solids, Aiden used to reach out and grab for our food when we were at the dinner table so one night I gave him a little spoon full of mashed potato off my plate and he just loved it..

He is now almost 7 months and is on 3 meals a day.. and sleeping through the night... Finally..

You willl know when the time is right and if you offer it and she doesnt take to it leave it a couple of weeks and try again..
So many people will give you different opinions but as a mum you will know when she is ready..

Hope this helps


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