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Birthday Cake Rss

Hi, my little guys first birthday will be in June and I am interested to see if anyone has a recipe for a yummy but relatively healthy cake that I can make for him?
Am not sure on what an appropriate cake for a 1 year old is?!?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Also different question, when can you stop boiling the water? we drink filtered water (qld so no flouride in tap water anyway) does this make any difference?

mum to two gorgeous guys

Great thread!

I have a few cake books, some have very healthy alternatives. I am going to buy the womens weekly one as every-body raves about that. I am happy for DD to have a little bit of naughty sweet stuff (like icing) on her birthday. DD has had egg with no reaction so I am not worried about that either.

On the water thing, the flouride is an issue with your DD's teeth. As we have flouride in our tap water which DD drinks now, we don't have to use toothpaste until she is 2 years old. Our CHN gave us a dental pack with information as well as a couple of baby tooth brushes. I know you can get some baby tooth paste. I assumed it was for states and territories that don't have flouride in their water, but you may want to check with a professional as I'm just assuming.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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