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(Nearly) 6 month old suddenly stopped solids! Teething? Lock Rss

Okay ladies, my turn for your expert advice!

My DS is going through that 5/6 month old restless stage! We started solids about 4 weeks ago and all was going great on 1 feed a day. He then developed a nasty flu and croup so I thought I'd give it a rest and focus on fluids for a few days. He then decided that he wanted food and wanted more of it (big boy = big appetite), so I increased his meals to 2/day for 3 days - then to 3/day (as per Tizzie Hall routine). Again, all went well until Monday (I'm blaming broccoli) he just shut up shop and refuses EVERYTHING solid (or should I say mushy).

I'm pretty sure he's teething (drooling, putting everything in his mouth to rub on gums, red gums etc). He's also still happy to drink just formula - if I'm lucky, I'll get a couple of spoonfuls of food in at about 5.30PM.

Should I just lay off and wait until he's ready again? Should I swap Tizzie's routine and offer solids first and then a bottle an hour later?

I should also add that I weaned him off the breast at about the same time as introducing solids - just thought of that!! He has bad reflux, but is on Karicare HA AR formula and we've had no probs with formula or solids.

DD was so easy - or maybe I've just forgotten all of this in 5 years... is it a boy thing??


Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

Hi kerry, the exact same thing happened with my twins. Loving food to rejecting nearly all their food. It lasted about a week and then bang back to loving food, and sure enough teeth started appearing.
I found that I just offered food until it was rejected...usually the 2nd mouthfull and then I would offer their fav food which is pureed fruit. They would have a couple more mouthfulls of that and then also reject it.
So keep to your normal routine,make sure his fluid/milk intake is good. At this age most of their calorie intake is from milk/formula, solids do give him much in the way of energy and nutrient value. (so don't worry that they are missing out on essential nutrients)
You should find that he will be back to normal soon.


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