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My son is nearly 6 months old (but was 5 weeks prem), and has been eating solids for the past few weeks. we started him on rice cereal and now he is eating this and potato, pumpkin and some apple, banana and pear (he even tried avocado and loved it!!)

MY question is: I usually give him solids before a bottle, and by reading other posts am worried that this may be the wrong thing.

He loves his solids and I can give him 3 meals a day (not that big approx 2-4 table spoons), then followed by a bottle.

should I offer the bottle first, than try solids in 1 hour or so?

I feel He may not be drinking enough milk thorugh the day because of me giving solids first??

I would say that he drinks between 90 and 150ml at a time only, then he flatly refuses to have any more, if I offer the bottle in an hour he will drink a bit more. Should I space out the solids from the bottles??

Sorry this is long but i am a first time mum and got no other people with similar age babies around me to ask!

thanks heaps


Jacinta, NSW young boy connor

i would reccomend that you give him his bottle first

only because i feel at his age his milk should be his most important feed as it has all the goodies in it!!

then mabey 1/2 hour later give him as much solids as he want

good luck


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Jacinta,

It's great that your little boy has such a good appetite for his solids! That's excellent. smile

Up until about 8-9 months, the milk feed is still the most important, so it is supposed to be offered before the solids. When I started Nina on solids I didn't even think about leaving a gap after her breastfeed, but I soon realised that if I didn't wait an hour or so she wouldn't eat anything!

What I ended up doing was giving her the breast, waiting an hour or 90 mins or so, then giving her the solids. That way, she had a good milk feed, plus a decent amount of solids as well. It did mean that it felt like I was constantly feeding her, just swapping between the breast and the solids, but at least that way I knew she was getting heaps of milk.

My Plunket nurse told me at 8-9 months to gradually swap around and offer the solids first, and now Nina is nearly 9 months, and she has her lunch and dinner solids before the breast, but still has the breast before breakfast.

It sounds like you should try spacing it out a bit and make sure the milk feed is the priority for a couple more months, you'll probably feel like you're constantly feeding him, but the milk is still really important.

Sounds like your boy has a really healthy appetite and you've been giving him lots of yummy things to try, keep up the good work and have fun! Hope I've helped. smile

This new forum is strange ...

I too suggest that he has his bottle 1st. I think that their milk is more important. I always give my daughter her bottle 1st then food roughly an hour later.

Amanda, vic, Tia 09/11/05 Jai 09/02/07

Jacinta, I have also just started solids and I am on Tizzie Halls routine with my little boy.

She suggests bottle first and then an hour later start the solids. This is because the milk should still be ther number one source of food. By the time the solids are given after an hour most of the milk is digested, thus leaving more room for the solids.

If you give solids first, it doesnt digest as quick, therefore, when you try to give them milk they dont want it because they still feel full.

Hope this has helped.


I actually change with my DS who is 6 months old.
In the morning he'll get the rice cereal first then an hour later get the boob.
Lunch time it'll be the boob first then an hour later offer him the custard, or fruit.
And dinner changes sometimes I'll give him half milk then solids then the rest before he goes to bed, other times it's just solids, bath, play, boob, bed. and the other is boob, solids, bath, play, boob, bed.
I guess it depends on what they want etc. I have Ky on set times for when he has his solids so with me giving the milk before or after changes.
Ky is normally in bed by 7pm.
This situation would also differ if they are bottle fed. But yeah I would go with the hour after bottle or before.

Hi Jacinta.

I'm new to this parents exchange too. I have a 4 month old daughter, Lauren and she began solids at about 14 weeks. At breakfast she has between 150 - 200ml of milk and 20mins later some cereal. However she doesnt eat very much at all. At lunch she will have 2 cubes of potato/pumpkin and 1/2 later have milk. she drinks anywhere between 90-150ml. Teatime she has 3 cubes at approx 4pm and around 5.30pm she has her 200ml milk before bed. This seems to work well but I would like her to eat more at breakfast!! Any suggestions?


My son is 6 months old next week and I started him on solids at the beginning of 5 months, he loves whatever I feed him, is a very good feeder - not fussy at all(fingers crossed). I was told to give the bottle first then about 1/2 hour later to offer solids, reason being that formula or breastmilk is the most important at this stage, and there is risk of them filling up on solids and not wanting their bottle if given solids prior to bottle(give solids a half an hour later to allow for the milk to settle a bit) this is what I was told by a midwife, however my son will eat the solids and then finish a whole bottle, I think it depends on the child and how they take to solids, he can't get enough.

Ann-Marie Qld 4 month baby boy

My son is just over 6 months old (also 5 weeks prem). I have been trying to feed him solids for a couple of weeks but he was not interested. I left it for a week and this week he is loving it! He gets soooo excited about eating. By reading these posts though I have realised that I am feeding him wrong. I have been giving him solids and then topping him up with milk (BF). I have also been wondering how often I should feed him the solids as so far I have only been giving him the one feed as day.

Jacinta, I would be interested in hearing how your little one is going since he was also 5 weeks prem!


Sarah, WA, Benjamin born 30/11/05 - Jordan Born 13

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