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Intro to new foods Lock Rss

When introducing a new food is it ok to mix it with one that is ok? For example, my bubs has had pumpkin and I want to introduce her to zucchni, can I puree it with the pumpkin? If and allergy was to occur I would know it was the zucchni, right? ( A little worried about this whole food and allergy thing!) Please offer your advise and what you mums/dads do out their for your bubs when it comes to food. Thankx

bubs born 28/1/05

I am just learning about introducing solids and wont start introducing for at least another two months. The 'From Milk to More' guide says introduce one new food at a time, every 3-5 days, offering them separately so the baby can enjoy the individual flavour. I would assume the same as you did that if there was a reaction you would know its zucchni. What an estute question gln !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi there GLN,

My MCHN said to try individual foods first for 3 or 4 days .. if no reaction from both then you can mix them together. Hope that helps.

well I dont go by the book at all and I give my daughter all sorts of things, like both my kids had potato, pumpkin and carrot mixed together as their first food and I had no problems and the baby food tins from the supermarket that say from 4 months also have foods that are mixed together but if you have a history of allergys in the family or you are worried about allergys then it is is best to try one food at a time.
my daughter only started solids nearly 2 weeks ago and altogether she has had about 6 differnt foods all in differnt mixtures, she has 1 combination for 2-3 days then we try something else.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

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