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My partner is 21 years old and we have a 7 1/2 months old son, he is excellent with him but only when asked, he gets home from work and plays xbox on his days off he plays xbox, he doest play with his son very often he would rather play his xbox games, he will change his nappy feed him bath him and whatever else but only if i ask, he never offers, but thats not what i am complaining about i dont mind doing all of that i just want him to come home from work and play with his son instead of the xbox. I feel like throwing it in the bin whilst he is at work thats if he leaves it at home, he works at a game store (gametraders) so quite often he take the dam thing to work so he can play it at work so if i wanted to throw it out i couldnt

also whilst he is playing the xbox if our son cries and i am busy so he has to stop playing he gets really annoyed he isnt as bad as he used to be but still does it sometimes and i end up telling him off because he is telling our son off for crying!!!

sorry i have gone on for long enough, but i do feel better now that i have had my whinge.

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

Can you make a rule that when your son is awake, the x-box is turned off?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Try this on for THIRTY year old hubby (yes 30) has....PS1, PS2, XBox, Nintendo 64, 2 computers, Gameboy, a pool table, 3 petrol remote control cars and is currently begging me to let him buy a arccade machine off eBay that has 100 games on it!!!!!!! It is NOT fun trying to get this guy to do anything! sad Most of the time he's ok but I too have the problem of if I'm trying to get dinner ready or something and Jeb starts to crack up it's so much of a hassle for hubby to get off which ever one he's on at the time to give me hand with him. One day I ducked down town to get some milk and stuff, got home about 45 minutes later to "He woke up straight after you left and wouldn't go back to sleep. I can't stop him from being grumpy." At which time I was hand Jeb and hubby retreated to his computer room not to be seem for the next 6 hours!!!!! Sorry for going on so long but it hard when they have so many temptations but it just feels like I have to just put up with it. He's not as bad as he used to be but I just keep hassling him now...he told me too! If I need help I just tell him too!! It only works so of the time but it's better than nothing! smile
this might sound awful but i play my ps2 and psp like the boyz
i used to play while breast feeding her which meant she could feed for longer without me getting too impatient. once she was older she sat on my lap and 'helped' me it gave me a good distraction from motherhood without leaving the room.
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