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Babby daddy unsure

Hi everyone, Have recently found out that i am expecting a little bubba around october. I am at ...

8 replies

Hi Sam, I sent you a private message so hopefully you got it and i hope to hear from you soon!


Bottled Up

Today my partner and I found out that I am pregnant! I should be so excited and happy but im the ...

21 replies

Hey everyone, last night when the partner got home we talked and decided we would see his mum today. so this morning we went and we ...


Maybe baby

Hi there, Has anyone here used the maybe baby saliva test kit for ovulation? I was going to buy...

3 replies

I used it a few times, but probably wouldn't again. I found the ovulation test strips easier!


DS is getting picked on at school :(

So yesterday my little boy told me that one of the kids in his class smelt his bag and said it st...

14 replies

I hate reading about bullying. My dd was bullied all through primary & highschool & at the time I just kept talking to her a...


How soon did everyone get a positive pregnancy test?

How soon after ovulation did you get a positive pregnancy test? The waiting game is driving me nu...

14 replies

I sadly got my AF today maybe next time


High cervix

Hi all, I went to the doctors yesterday as I've been getting lower abdominal and lower bac...

5 replies

No need to wait it out any long AF arrived earlier


question about butchers ..... Adelaide mums/dads

Im looking for a butcher in Adelaide that sells good quality meat (preferably in bulk) at a chea...

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Reading work shop

I just went to a reading workshop at DS's school that was run for all reception students par...

8 replies

I would go And I think that parents helping with reading at home is so so important. But not all parents feel that way. When I taug...


gift ideas ........ would this be ok??

DS got invited to one of his friends 5th bday. She is very much into disney princesses and has a ...

8 replies

I have a 5 year old and she's not even that into Disney princesses but if she got something like that she'd be over the mo...


what is your child(rens) theme song?

This might sound weird but some friends of mine were talking about my little girl and this topic ...

1 reply

I'm not sure about a theme song which describes DD yet but even when she was in my belly I thought of her and got all teary wit...


Argh need to vent again...I'm "not careful enough"

So my 8 month old is making heaps of progress. Yay. She just pulled herself standing by herself u...

7 replies

Snuffleupagus wrote: Hahaha vkw yes I think that should sort out any issues. In answer to your question, he didn't grab her bec...

Disposable Nappies Harmful?

Where does it say huggies contains Dioxins? Pads & tampons are also not the cause of endometr...

9 replies

Don't apologise for posting it! And don't be put off posting either. I just said what I said because you seemed worried a...


Mothers groups

I'm a young mum and my baby boy is only 2months old my partner works away and the mothers gr...

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Some quick first day pics :)

It was my ds's turn to start school today he was very excited and had a great day! No tears...

17 replies

Thanks mummsy and T


unwrapping bday pressies

We just had my daughters 1st bday and it got me thinking about what other ppl do in regards to gi...

7 replies

It all depends on the party for us. For example DD had a gymnastics party for her 7th birthday so they ask that gifts are put on a t...


Daddy-to-be gift

Hi all, Was hoping some of you may have some ideas for a gift I can buy my hubby when baby arri...

8 replies

This may sound a little corny but my partner bought a hooded tigger blanket for our bub and I'm trying to find an adult sized o...

So over lazy dh

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind ! Pack his clothes when he next leaves the house , or s...

13 replies

I hope things turn around for you soon. You feel like you're going half crazy when you're the only one doing everything.


Help - my 6 month old baby spills a lot of milk while feeding

Hi all, my 6 month old little girl keeps spilling the milk out the sides of her mouth when I try ...

1 reply

Have you tried changing to teat on the bottle? It might be too fast flowing for her? Some babies don't always keep up with the ...


anyone from the penrith area and wants to meet up

hello everyone i am 19 years old, and i live at cranebrook nsw, i have a nearly 9 month old baby ...

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Wanna see something cute?

Very cute grace!

6 replies

Super cute! She looks so different too with her hair pulled back.

School lunches. Yep one of those :)

Look up some recipes for home made muffins, slices, biscuits and savoury things like mini quiches...

7 replies

Little Miss' wrote: Does anyone but pre packaged things? I don't plan to buy much but thought it might be good on days I&#...

Ok so....

I hope this is a step in the right direction I hope he gets the job. My sister's husband wo...

1 reply

my hubby is looking for a FIFO job, and I am planning on going back to uni while he does it

Strange things do happen haha

Wow! I do not envy her!!

1 reply

Wow!!!! Good luck to her I hope that she has lots of support.

Cute I think anyways :p

That's a gorgeous photo T! Grace's dress is adoreable!

5 replies

Nawww too cute!!


beyond blue

Just wanted to know if anyone here has called beyond blue and did they help at all??

3 replies

NZ Mumma + 1 wrote: I haven't called either but just wanted to say give them a call - what have you got to lose? smile +1


Starting solids

Have a almost 3 month old who is so keen on trying food already, trying to hold her out till 4 mo...

4 replies

Our 15 wk old is super interested in food and eating also. We are going to wait until 4 months tho so digestive system is more devel...

Who's got an opinion on this?

Uhhhhhhhhh.......hmmmmmm....ummmmm... Gosh..

18 replies

Hmmmm interesting..... That dad may be willing to do that but im sure my hubby and alot of other men would be completely against it.


Is This Legal? Please Help!

My partner and i had a beautiful baby boy on the 7/01/2014. I have been there with her 24/7 durin...

7 replies

Make sure you see a couple of solicitors as some are more passionate about certain issues than others so some do a much better job t...



Hello Ladies, I live in the Hamilton area and is wnting to know weather anyone can tell where i c...

4 replies

Wow!! I honestly did not expect any responses and is very grateful for all of your advice!! It really is appreciated!! Mimsy, you re...


Dad not paying attention to older ds

I have an 8 year old ds and a 10 wk old ds. Dad has never really had anything much to do with the...

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Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote: They are cool, what size are they? I feared opening this thread just in c...

7 replies

Cute shoes! So little!


Help! Husband sleeps all weekend

I'm really after some advice. My husband is a great dad.. But he sleeps until either 10 or 1...

5 replies

We also alternate sleep-ins. DH on Saturday and me on Sundays, 9am at the latest. If we stay up too late, that's just too bad l...


Scared & excited

Hello. I have a 9month old with ANSD (serve to profound hearing loss, where the nerve to the brai...

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how many school uniforms do you buy??

im in the process of organizing DS school stuff and purchasing his uniform. So was just curious h...

7 replies

With dd1 last year she had 2 summer dresses and 2 sport shirts and 1 pair sport shorts (they did sport/pe 2 days), and 1 fleecy jack...



Hi everyone I am new to this site, have come across it as I am in desperate need of a specific bl...

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how long after delivery did you stay in hospital ?? and thoughts on new gov policy.

As the title asserts how long did you stay in hospital after delivery?? I ask due to the current ...

37 replies

I stayed 5 nights, i had a very traumatic birth and couldn't pee at all and had to learn to self catheterize before they would ...


single mums i have a few questions

Hiya, i just wanted to know if any single mums out there that dont work (perhaps they study or ar...

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Is it Mine??

A couple months ago I had a one night stand. She has now told me she is pregnant. I was at the fi...

2 replies

do you no if she was with anybody else or were you the only one she was with


It's very confronting to see somebody that you know on life support. I wonder if he thinks t...

4 replies

What an absolutely horrible situation to be in.


Just a merry christmas wish!

Hi ladies just wanted to wish you all a very merry christmas! Hope you and your families enjoy yo...

3 replies

Merry Christmas to you and your family hun xxx I hope you and your family have a fantastic day.