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Breast and Bottle Feeding


Huggies Help Panel - Nutritionist Lock

Hi Everyone Just to let you know our nutritionist Leanne Cooper, is ready to answer your questio...

2 replies

Hi, can you suggest a diet for 4 years old? My son is very active and doesn’t show any interest in food.


Feeding Your Baby - Helpful Links

Hi there, Thanks to a member suggestion, we have included direct links below for our members to...

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How much formula is your 9-10month olds drinking!!

Hi there, I'm interested in how much formula other 9-10 month olds are drinking. My first bub was...

12 replies

If your baby eat solids then its is sufficient to your baby.


Taking Care of My Baby But My Hand Is Very Painful

Few months from the day I gave birth, I really babysit my child with the utmost care. However, th...

6 replies

Do massage on your hands. Your love and affection is very important for your baby. So firstly takecare of yourself then takecare of ...

Huggies Support

How long did you breastfeed for?

Some women love breastfeeding but others find it challenging. If you found it difficult (or are c...

8 replies

Any nutrition for 6 months old baby??


Dishwasher for baby's bottles?

Hi Does anyone use a dishwasher to clean their baby's bottles and feeding utensils? I haven't be...

11 replies

Boil your babies bottle with warm water upto 10-15 minutes, it work like home remedy.


Pumping confusion. Advice needed!

Hey Guys, I'm starting to pump to build up my milk stock in the freezer. My clinical nurse...

2 replies

Why dont u try pumping one side for a bit while bubs feeding. Then when he fin feeding one side take him to pumped side. If he has a...


my 4 month old is breastfed and wont take a dummy or bottle

hi mum's anyone got advice on getting your baby to take a bottle or even a dummy ?( i have s...

1 reply

Try dipping the teat in some milk 1st so he tastes that not the rubber. Try bottle thru a bra so bubs is close. Best of luck.


Low supply, stressed and working

I really want to continue breast feeding as im 40 and this will most likely be my last baby. Howe...

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is there early signs when getting Mastitis? Lock

hi ladies haven't been on for a while, but need some advise. i am still bf my 11 week old and s...

7 replies

It could be mastitis. And have you heard that it happens when you are lack in specific probiotic strains. You can talk to your docto...


Dont want to breast feed want to go straight to formula feed Lock

Hi My second child is due in April and we have decided we dont want to even try to breast feed th...

26 replies

Hi! Many thanks for all your comments. I am new here, 15 weeks pregnant and choosing a place where to give birth as my partner and...


Baby not drinking when awake

Hi mummies, it's my first time posting thing up the net because this time, I am seriously he...

15 replies

I also faced the same problem, at that time I was really frustrated. But you don’t worry about this, just try glass bottle instead o...


When to stop sterilising?

My DS is 6 months old & has been bottle feed sincve day 1. He is now eating solids and we don't ...

15 replies

According to me it is very important to sterilize baby bottles before using it.


Breastfeeding - one side or both? Lock

Hi there, I have a 1 month old baby, and my midwife told me I only need to breastfeed on one sid...

7 replies

It depends on the situation. If you feel that your child is happy and more satisfied to both of your breast, then check if both are ...

chalys 'n' J

Breastfeeding in public.. Lock

Does anyone else? Or are you all happy to just whip it out regardless of who's looking? I rememb...

23 replies

Since you're now a mom, there's nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. I've been there before. Everything at fir...


When to start bottle feeding

My son was 3 weeks old on Sunday... Beautiful healthy little boy! He would be around 9 pounds now...

6 replies

Don't be surprised this can happen with all. You can go ahead but keep in mind that sucking milk from a bottle requires differe...


Double mastectomy mum

Hi everyone. I had a double mastectomy 2 years ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Fast...

1 reply

My sympathy is with you, there are various baby bottles available on the market and I understand your situation. As per my opinion w...


Best Bottles for breastfed babies

Hi mums I am expecting my first baby in 1 month (eek so close now!). I fully intend on breastfee...

14 replies

It's absolutely good to pump your breast milk for your baby and give it to your kids in a bottle. Frequently I had heard about ...


Problem Latching on Bottle

We have a baby that used to be fine latching onto bottle but has since gone on 'Bottle Strik...

4 replies

The issue here is that with typical bottle nipple the baby does not need to suck extra hard to take the milk out from the bottle.


Transitioning to bottle feeding

Hi all I need some help I have a 3month old daughter who i have breast fed since day one. Unfortu...

1 reply

There are number of brands providing breastfed baby bottles, so you should aware about the best brand among all these, because it is...


BPA in Baby Bottles, Storage Containers etc

I was just wondering what people think about Canada's proposal to ban baby bottles containing BPA...

10 replies

I just watched this topic on the internet and I was scared. Parents need to avoid products with bisphenol-A (BPA) because of concern...


When to give up on breastfeeding?

I've had problem after problem with breastfeeding, which I have received a huge amount of he...

23 replies

It is okay to stop breastfeeding if there's nothing you can do about it. Don't feel sad, it's not your fault. It'...


11 month old refusing formula

Hi, my 11 month old is currently breastfed but I am wanting wean to formula as I am going back to...

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