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Dont want to breast feed want to go straight to formula feed Lock Rss

Hi there, just want to say one thing.
Colustrum is very important for a new born - at least given the wee one that from you smile
Hi there i bottle fed both of my daughters as i didnt feel comfortable breastfeeding. I did indeed start this in hospital with a not so nice reaction from the midwives. I chose to bottle feed from the beginning of both my pregnancies and had the widwife constantly make me feel guilty about bottle feeding but i tell you this... if its truly what you want then stick to it with no feelings of guilt. This is your baby and your the one who has to do everything for it not the midwives. I say go for it!! good luck
Hi! Many thanks for all your comments.

I am new here, 15 weeks pregnant and choosing a place where to give birth as my partner and I currently live in Indonesia. He is a kiwi, so we will most likely have the baby in Wellington.

I have known for years tht I will not be breasfeeding. In Spain (where I am from) are generally pretty respectul. What I have been reading about NZ and its bf policy is, however, a bit concerning for me.

Is it common in NZ to be given a pill to prevent the production of milk from the start if you choose not to bf? I agree once you go home you can do whatever you want, but I would like to skip the pain that comes with the milk as I already know I will nor be bf.

Can anyone give me advice on that? Million thanks!
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